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im back

hi all, I've been away, last time i was on here i mentioned that i stopped all meds cold turkey thats only because they kept going back and forth if i had lupus or not.. well long story short after plenty of swollen faces and fevers saw doc had blood work and then confirms i have full blown lupus no doubt... i have been having bad nerve pain, more intense flareups .... but whats kicking my but more in nerve and numbing fingers while i try to sleep... any ideas

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Are you back on your meds now? Gabapentin has pretty much eliminated all of my weird tingling and burning nerve issues.


To be honest I haven't because I'm afraid to gain more weight on it


Hi Mealfredo78,

If you are able to combine a healthy, balanced diet with regular physical activity and the treatment you could reduce the risk of weight gain. Weight gain is most closely linked steroid treatment, but the effect this can have is limited by avoiding carbohydrates and taking part in physical activity. In addition, a healthy diet and exercise should help in the management of fatigue and pain levels.

Medication should help to reduce the effect of your flares.


Thank you


I'd be interested in any solutions to this as I'm also not on any medications as I can't tolerate them and I have bad nerve pain and numbness in my arm, particularly at night. I was wondering, do you get Raynauds in your hands? I do and it seems to have got worse as the nerve pain and numbness have.


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