What do these mean (got the results for my blood (ana, etc) today

Got the confirmation that I am on the rheumatology waiting list yesterday - but that the time before I get it will likely be 'considerable.'

But saw doc today, and asked for my results - are as follows - for you that are more in the know, what do they mean??

Anascreen: positive

Pattern 1, homogeneous: titre 1/2560

Pattern 2, speckled: titre 1/640

I really don't understand how to read or understand the titre numbers, only that it is a positive reading.

So if anyone understands the numbers or what they mean, it would be much appreciated if you could explain it in reasonably simple terms, lol.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hopkinslupus.org has a good description of lab tests for lupus, including ANA. Labtestsonline.org is also well done. The test becomes positive when the titer is above the reference value ( often 1:40), but each labs scale may be slightly different. Both the speckled and homogenous patterns can be associated with lupus, but also other autoimmune connective tissue diseases. A normal adult can have a positive (elevated) ANA , but the larger the titer, the more likely the end result is lupus (if other signs and symptoms are present). Usually a positive ANA will trigger further , more specific labs to narrow down a diagnosis. Good luck

  • I've just checked and homogeneous signifies systemic lupus and speckled is Lupus.

    It's worried me though as it's says a positive dsDNA is for more serious lupus that affects the kidneys. I think the tests they keep going on my kidneys has been ok as they've not said anything. But I've just had the lung function test and am booked in for the heart scan. I don't have any real skin problems rashes but hope I don't have the lupus that affects my organs??

  • Is a dsDNA test different again? I know they'd done platlet counts, normal; thyroid levels, multiple other bloods all back normal. Fair few symptoms to go along with the bloods, but my GP's have done fairly exhaustive tests it seems, just waiting for the specialist (hopefully it's not a few years' wait... Literally...)

  • Yes I had so many tests 5 A4 sheets in total and they were the main ones that came back last August. So I got the Rheumy secretary to send them to my gp so I could get a copy. The dsDNA is an indicator for kidney Lupus. But as my thyroid disease was unstable Rheumy has left me until recently. I think it's because many of the symptoms overlap so make it difficult to separate the two. You'd think they'd just treat me for all my symptoms rather than let my health continue to decline!

  • Yeah, I know. Gp's not wanting to do much for my definite EM as different things can make it worse or better, especially if caused by other things, so it's a waiting game.

    Didn't get a copy of all my results, so don't know exactly what else has been tested for, but have had lots of blood works done, apparently all the rest have been in normal range, just got this one as I'd heard them mention about it, especially the derm. doc, so asked for it today when I went in.

  • Well wish me luck I'm just going in to see my gp for some steroids think it's my only option now! Worth a try x

  • I got a positive homogeneous ANA and dsDNA but didn't understand what these meant either. Didn't get any numbers with mine though when I got my printout of results. I did notice I had a weak positive for myosotis and my blood was slightly thick on a test too

  • I agree with KRutherford. ANA shows in many people and these results are indicators of many connective tissue and autoimmune conditions. The titer is an indictor the higher the more activity. (It can increase with age).It goes 1;40 1;80 1;160 ...... 1;2560 etc this means they have mixed your blood 7 times including the mixing agent until they couldn't find antibodies. The other lab results and your specific symptoms will give a clearer diagnosis. All the best.

  • Thank you, muchly appreciated!

  • Hi Bengali,

    Having a ‘positive’ result from an ANA test occurs in about 95% of people with lupus and only about 5% of healthy people. An ANA test can also produce a ‘positive’ result for people with other related autoimmune conditions such as dermatomyositis or systemic sclerosis (scleroderma).

    The AACC’s website provides a detailed overview of the ANA test which you can read here: labtestsonline.org/understa...

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