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What do rheumatologist look for to diagnose lupus?

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I received my blood work results but I'm yet to see my rheumatologist for a follow up. I just need answers as to what all the numbers mean and what they are looking for.

I can post numbers

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Hi there Newtohere :)

Welcome to our forum! If blood tests aren being done I assume you already have some symptoms of Lupus or a autoimmune disease.

They look for:

A positive ANA

A positive DNA

RO positive (sometimes one of these may come negative and you still have Lupus)

They may look for positive Lupus anticoagulant

If your C3/ c4 is low (you can probably figure out from online results)

They'll check for raises inflammation markers like ESR

And maybe look at ALT levels to see if they are raised.

Hope this helps :)

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Newtohere in reply to Penguintaz

I have a positive ANA

C3/C4 is normal

SED is 22 and flagged high

I had tested positive for ds-dna a month before this new test at my GP but now negative.

CRP 1.10 mg/dL considered high

That is all I see from what you mentioned.

I also have a sister who has lupus

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Penguintaz in reply to Newtohere

Ah alright,

When do you see the Rheumy? As I'm not medically trained i can't diagnosis you but someone's will talk to you soon!

How are you feeling?

Hi newtohete

I think with your results and family history you should be seen by a Rheumy!. I too had a positive ANA and am kept an eye on in case symptoms change or develop. It depends what pattern your ANA was as to which connective tissue disease it could be!. Are you being seen by a Rheumy?. X

I have been seen once by a rheumy. He ran more blood work than my GP. I had originally gone to my GP because of severe fatigue. I couldn't stay awake past 8 pm. Also, I started with this severe pain in my lower left arm in June. It felt like bone pain. It was from elbow to wrist and it was excruciating. I had tgat pain for a constant month before it was on and off. In October I began with pain in my hands. I couldn't do a repetitive motion with my hands for a long period of time because my fingers would fall asleep or I'd get this shock sensation that would run up my arm. Then came the pain in my knees. This is a pain that has now been constant, especially in my right knee. The joint pain is new. The fatigue came strong suddenly.

I've been anemic a long time and my GP did a full battery of blood test to confirm and rule out other causes. Still anemic so we did two low doses of iv iron infusion. I also showed inflammation, which has been showing for 3 years now just no known cause. This time the ANA and ds-dna showed up positive. Which led to a referral to the rheumy. Tested again, and that gave the results above amongst other things, which I have no idea how to read or what they mean. I've noticed a pattern, which might be tmi, but it seems like a week before menstruation, my joint pain pays me a visit as well. Idk if this is a correlation.

Akso, the rheumy did an ultrasound on my knee and he said there was some fluud but possibly left there after a flare up. Which makes sense, since, of course, my pain was mild the day of my appointment compared to all the other days before the appointment.

I was able to get an appointment for this Thursday with the rheumy. I'm feeling symptoms again so hopefully some answers.

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Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Newtohere

Hi Newtohere,

How did you get on at your appointment last week?

I'm in the US. I had to travel about 2 hrs to see him. He didn't come to a conclusion on a diagnosis. He stated that we will continue to monitor symptoms and report back to him in 3 months orf sooner if my rash resurfaces, so we continue with the waiting game.

Let us know how your appt on thursday goes.

I'm at a loss. I can't get over how exhausted I am all the time. I just want to break down and cry.

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