Gym ??

Hi .

Was just wondering if anybody goes to gym . A doctor I saw before Christmas said that I should try and go to the gym for my joints. .

Does anybody go to the gym ? I have an exercise bike and little weights at home . I find it tiring using them . Don't know if I would confident going to the gym.

If you don't go the gym what do you do for your joints ?

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  • Hi LouLamb,

    yes I go to an exercise class. I can't do cardiovascular exercise, but do a toning class where each muscle group is worked in turn using handheld weights.

    The instructor is there to ensure you do each exercise correctly to avoid injury, & I love the social element. I sleep very well after exercise too.

    You can sit out anything that causes discomfort, move to a lighter weight, or just do the moves without a weight. Most instructors are happy for you to work within your own capabilities.

    I'm 47 and have done this type of class on & off for over 20 yrs & started before I became ill which has helped.

    Sarah x

  • You could take a look at some classes like yoga or pilates and have a chat with the instructor telling her what you may have problems with . It might be better to start gentle and work your way up .

  • Hello. I tried the gym for a short period but found it too much for me. I don't have a lot of energy and it totally wiped me out. But we are all different and you should try things for yourself before ruling it out. My Rheumy recommended Pilates and I started March 2014 and I've been doing it on and off ever since. I really enjoy it. Then I walk with my family whenever I feel up to it, at weekends. We've been out today and walked about 3 miles. I wish I could do more but for me if I push too far I end up in bed to recover, then it defeats the object really. I hope you find something that suits you. I know staying as active as we can is important for our physical and mental health, plus keeping moving helps our joints etc. x

  • Swimming is supposed to be good too, I used to go but constant eye infections put a stop to it unfortunately. Hope you find something suited to you

  • Hi! I actually was told this past week to try getting back into the gym by my rheumy. I used to be a runner (not even going to try that lol) but have been really successful keeping up with a yoga routine. It actually is easier to do at home with a mat and a video or app. I like this way because I can go at my own pace. It's also forced relaxation and stress relief! For cardio, I've been trying the elliptical machine since it's a smooth movement and I don't have the hard impact on my joints like running would give me. I read some of the other replies, and I think I'll try the swimming too :)



  • I used to but the temptation to lift heavy was always too strong; I used to weight train and I simply can't do it anymore. I do yoga at home through online resources which I enjoy a lot and I am looking forward to getting a referral for the hydrotherapy pool in the area. I hope you find something that suits you!

  • I love to swim - have significantly cut down how long I swim for though as was feeling (more) exhausted. So now I'll swim/sauna, both of which help. I try & go into the gym as well, although its really like pulling teeth for me, but realise the benefits of weight bearing exercise. I also try & maintain my yoga/pilates practices, yin yoga has been a godsend these past few years.

  • Hi

    I agree with weathervain. pilates and yoga are good ,I have been doing these for 3 months now and always feel better after. most classes will work to your ability .

  • Any form of exercise can help. You will probably find some pain and fatigue initially. On a daily basis you will find a little more can be done each day as the pain and fatigue threshold moves. Swimming, dog walking, gym,yoga, Pilates, what ever takes your fancy........Best wishes Kevin

  • I used to run and go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week before I was ill. (About 5 years ago)

    I also did pilates then and recently wanted to get back into this as I felt it would be good for my joints.

    So a month ago, using youtube, i began very gently and have gradually increased. I can't do every day as I'd like to, but manage 3 or 4 times a week a 20 minute workout and actually feel better for it. Less pain in some joints but I've noticed that my left hip and right shoulder are painful - OA, so modify the position if need be.

  • Hi Lou...I have always been a gym member before i had kids. My teenage daughter convinced me to join again so she can go with me once and awhile. I want so badly to teach her the importance of exercise.

    Since, i became ill, i was afraid to try. I did here and there, and it just aggravated my shoulder joints and particularly a spot under my right shoulder blade. I also tried to bike ride the other day and came back with a pounding headache and dizziness.

    So, i joined anyway. To give it another try. I have been taking it very slow. I walk on the treadmill a little, and do some machines. It feels great when I walk out. My back did tighten up bad after the first day, so i decided to back off that particular exercise machine. My legs feel stronger and I am able to climb the stairs better with less effort. I need to keep my muscles strong. And it is working.

    My advice...start real slow..dont push, drink plenty of water...and I should probably stretch too.

    I figured drs are always telling us to exercise, so why not.. Good luck with your decision.

  • I'm thinking about joining once I learn to drive . My mum said wants to go gym to lose weight and tone up . So if I drove we could do together

  • Hi LouLamb, are you able to ask your GP for advice? A physiotherapist might be able to help with the appropriate exercises to avoid injury and damage to your joints. After you gain some confidence and strength you may feel better about going to the gym on your own or doing exercises at home. I lost lot of strength in the first few years when I was diagnosed and had to start by simply walking on the treadmill for 15 min a few times a week, and have slowly worked up to walking farther and faster and occasionally going on the elliptical machine, along with specific exercises my physiotherapist has given me (for my back pain+upper body+core weakness)

  • I'm not keen on a gym myself the definitely try and stay active. I go for short walks, a good half hour. I go dancing once or twice a week and I look after my fairly large garden. Also a weekly Pilates class. Good luck.

  • Hi, LouLamb.

    If you are in UK, ask your GP for a referral for "Exercise on Prescription". He/she just completes and signs a form, which you take along to your chosen gym. That gives you 12 sessions at a discounted rate and assignment to a personal, qualified fitness instructor, who will listen to your history and take your BP, height and weight. You will be given a programme of exercises appropriate to your degree of ability. Your progress is formally reviewed at 3, 6 and 12 weeks but the instructors have a rota so at my local gym, I can ask if I have a query. I'm 65 with lupus, Raynaud's (so no swimming unless 34degrees!), sfn and EM. I have OA and have had both hips replaced (marvellous results each time.

    The instructor I see drew me up a programme of gentle exercises, both cardiovascular and resistance work. I joined last November and I try and go at least twice a week. "My" instructor is always happy to review my progress even though it's been much longer than 12 weeks. She's also a Pilates teacher and I would certainly recommend that and or yoga. Good luck.

    Annmlucas mentions an "elliptical machine": what's that, please?


  • I agree with Wendy39, yoga and a couple of walks every week

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