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uctd or b12

Hi everyone

I was at the rummie on Thursday not the usual one I have uctd, an d other health probs and I have been having probs with muscles in my legs and arms they are very weak is this anything to do with uctd, I am on injections of b12 and I thought this was the prob as my balance is affected but rummie is sending me for a brain scan, sorry I am very foggy about what he said, maybe someone on here help thx

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Hi lucida

So sorry to read of your muscle problems. I too have UCTD and been having muscle weakness probs in my legs. It can be part of UCTD as one of the illnesses it covers is polymyositis which can cause it. I too have had my B12 tested recently as wondered if that and it's come back negative!. I get the symptoms the lower I go on the steroids. Down to 8 mg now so have resigned myself to the thought that it's the illness and put it on my list to tell Rheumy. Do find the steroids help though. Have you?. Good luck for your brain scan, a worry but a lot of Rheumies do them as routine!. Hope I've helped, keep us posted. X


thx misty

yes I got 1st steroid jab on thurs I got a little help from it,i have had this prob for a number of yrs now and at 63yrs I don't think it will go any further, my mum and her sister both had lupus and my mum and her brother both had PA so autoimmune in the family

thx for your reply Lucieb01


Do hope the steroid jab helps you more and more lucieb. Specially as you have strong auto- immune links in your family!. Have you been ill long time?. Take care. X


yes hashi over 25yrs the rest more than 10yrs

thx misty x Lucieb

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Hi Lucida. I too get episodes of weakness and have been through lots of testing to exclude polymyositis, MG etc. I am also B12d but I have noted that the weakness is part of the lupus/uctd inflammation rather than my b12 levels. He is being very thorough by the sounds of it - you're lucky. Fingers crossed xx


thx for repling clareb


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