I'm confused

I'm confused

I'm still not sure if I have lupus or not because I still haven't gotten results back. I only have a positive ANA of 1:40... my hair has been falling since July 2015, now I'm noticing eye brow loss too. But when my hair started falling in July up until now I had ZER0 other symptoms... just now I started noticing a mild rash on my chest, mild aches and pains, fatigue... that's it. But why didn't I have this when my hair was just starting to fall out? I don't get it.

Another question... when you have lupus do cuts and other wounds not scab or take longer to scab??

Notice the mild irritation on my chest? Not too bad... does it get worse though??

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  • I'm afraid it does slowly creep up on you. Do you have dry eyes and mouth? There are so many immune problems that are linked. I had constant shingles and dry eyes, mouth etc plus wounds that wouldn't heal. It sounds like your immune system is "down" that is how I think of it. Keep pushing for treatment - it can take ages. Don't get low - Lupus uk will advise you well. Good luck

  • I know that it is frustrating. I can't tell you how many yrs of test and being ill I had to endure until I finally got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Then about 3 yrs later I was diagnosed with the AS arthritis. It seems like doctors are afraid to diagnose someone with an autoimmune disease. You get a point where you don't even care what they can it, you just want the help to feel better. I know that it takes forever for me to heal for anything. A sinus infection or a cat scratch. I am on Embrel injections which contributes to that. But I think that any autoimmune disorder affects that. It is a very hard journey and all you want to do is find out what is wrong with you and how can I get better.

  • May I ask? What was you're ANA number and pattern?

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