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Lupus flare with Petechiae rash

I have been in so much pain lately. I do have 4 autoimmune illnesses amongst other medical problems, so when the pain hits I never know what is flaring up. I went to the emercency room 2 days ago, the pain in my leg bones and arm bones were excruciating. I also am very fatigued, I have non blanching red spots, most pin point size on my both arms, legs, some on my belly and on my thighs. When they tested me, my sedimentation rate was high as well as the c-reactor. He quickly diagnosed me with a Lupus flare and put me on a tapering dose of prednisone. I have lost 53 pounds since August, although I needed to lose this weight, I didn't diet or do anything intentionally to lose the weight. I am concerned because from what I read especially concerning the Petechiae has me really nervous. Has anyone else had these symptoms before?

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Are they like blood spots , i have them all over. I don't know if they are due to autoimmune disease , i was going to pass it by my rheumy next time - along with a hundred other things!

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My SLE-related petechia are due to SLE-related small cell vasculitis...but, as I understand it, there can be other underlying causes. My lupus is classed as "moderate". If I suddenly got loads more petechia I'd certainly think I was flaring and get in touch with my lupus clinic pronto.

So, I think you've been v wise & taken the right action. When I'm in a similar situation, I tell myself: Coco, try not to disturb yourself by exploring on google 😉....instead discuss your signs & symptoms with medics you know & respect....and go see the gang at Lupus UK.....and If the explanations & treatments you're get aren't convincing, think about changing to another lupus clinic

I'm glad you're here with us

Take care

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


I have bad petechiae but, as Barnclown says, there can be a range of causes. I showed mine to the rheumatologist who considered them and said he didn't think them of concern - but then I didn't have the other symptoms you have. However you are now on the prednisone so hopefully that should start to have a beneficial effect and I guess that if things don't improve you will go back to ER and also highlight the Pet.? Good wishes


Has anyone medical actually seen your petechia? If it was has been checked out then it does sound very much like a flare. I get the odd area of petechia here and there and it is generally when my Lupus if going into overdrive. I'm pretty sure I have a level of vascular involvement, but that's another story.

It is true that petechia can be a part of Lupus but it should never be assumed that all our symptoms are down to Lupus. From your description it's difficult to say what it is but if it is widespread then it should at least be seen by a doctor especially if you are on multiple medications. I'm not thinking about anything sinister but you did mention that you have 4 auto immune illnesses and sometimes our immune systems/meds/blood vessels all clash.

If it is widespread it might be worth getting it checked out, if it's nothing then reassurance is a great thing. But never rule out a medication interaction with a petechia rash. (Not giving medical advice, just sharing experience). Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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