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I have been having a slow build up of sores on my face and ears over the last few months. As an out patient from the hospital I am now waiting for a referral. The pro topic from the GP doesn't seem to be having any impact. Has anyone got any advice on if there's anything I can do whilst I'm waiting for my referral? Also, worried about the scarring, has anyone been successful in having any treatments to reduce the scarring? I'm considering chemical peels once the flare ups have calmed down.

Last question: has anyone had semi perm make up for brow treatment?

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Hi Emman84,

We have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which has some self-management tips and more information about treatments. You can read and download it at

Please seek the advice of your doctor regarding the scarring. Take caution when using any chemical products in case they cause an adverse reaction or cause your lupus to flare. If you do plan on using them, make sure you do a patch test on a small area of skin first.


Please don't use a chemical peel. Sometimes these rashes flare and die down alittle. My only advice is. Clean you skin with warm water. apply sun factor 50 even on dull days, without perfume. Keep makeup off as long as possible. Be careful what you use on your hair, ie shampoo, hairspray incase it is going on your skin. My face is always red. It goes from blistered to, crusty to dry, to red again. There is no rhyme or reason. Take lots of pictures to show the dermatologist.

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