Weather related??

Hi everyone!

Has anyone noticed a link with the weather triggering a flare up? I don't mean catching the sun, I mean a sudden change in air pressure; low pressure hitting the UK with rain and strong winds seems to trigger a flare for me. Last week the weather changed and I got a flare up of arthritis along with other symptoms. It's not the first time I've felt flu-like in bed with the wind battering the house from the south-west!

The funny thing is that I have a friend with reactive arthritis who also got a flare up at the same time, and another friend who felt unwell with similar symptoms (and no diagnosis).

I'd been in remission for around 6 months, so this was a bit of a shock! Life was going well; I had energy, no meds, no pain, just a few niggly symptoms, then BAM! I know there are other triggers too, like stress and over-doing it (I'm an artist and was working towards an exhibition) and a change in hormones too. Accidentally eating something with gluten can also trigger a flare for me. Going gluten free was the best thing I've done for my health by the way. Since I went gluten free in August 2012, my ESR has been dropping from 30 to 22 to 17 and the last result in Dec was 7!! And my health and energy levels have been steadily going up. I was beginning to get to know the real me again!

But Lupus has a way of biting you on the butt when you least expect it!!

I know it's not all doom and gloom out there, yes lupus is a pain, but I know I'm not the only one who has found things that aid recovery and support a decent quality of life. Please post your own positive stories, I'd love to hear them.



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17 Replies

  • Yeah it does with me the fibromyalgia is so much worse with weather patterns . I can hardly move. I can tell with how the weather is going to be before I get out of bed. Everything hurts even my bed. Great to hear your story , hope u have a good day x

  • Me too, I call it bone pain, it is like the core of me aches with change in air pressure. But I wouldn't call it a flare because once the weather improves, the pain goes away.

  • Dryad....I was wondering recently if weather affected symptoms too. Do people fare better in the winter than the warmer months? This is my first summer after being diagnosed. I know I am retaining water when I exercise. A nutritionist suspects lymphatic slow moving. But, it was cold out when that was happening. Not sure. I have joint pain in hips regardless of weather. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do about that naturally? I also have a knot on my finger joint that hurts a little.

  • Hi Natura

    I have a friend who gets problems with fluid retention and lymphatic drainage. She drinks a strong tea of dandelion and nettle (she just buys both herbal teas and puts on of each bag in a cup) and that seems to help her. Both herbs are diuretic.

    I seem to fair better in the winter because I am sun-sensitive. But when pressure drops and we get battered by Atlantic weather, this can set of the lupus too.

    I take anti-inflammatory herbs every day; chamomile, yarrow, calendula mostly. Sometimes feverfew. I've also taken turmeric and ginger root too, which are great natural anti-inflams.

  • Dryad... Tried dandelion tea and I was very very itchy...something bothers me. Maybe allergic. I drink ginger and turmeric every day. Also one with ginger, marshmallow and chamomile. How do u take yarrow and calendula?

  • I take them as a tea, but I've just had a tincture made up for me while I'm in a flare. Ginger and turmeric and brilliant anti-inflammatories. I need to get back to taking them.

  • I have a loose tea shop in town. I will have to stop in. I drink tea all day long. It really helps.

  • Good morning Dryad

    I hope you are having a good day and if not hopefully you will feel improved soon.

    I was so pleased to read your post as I really do think there is a link between the weather and how we feel. I have fibromyalgia as well as lupus and the change in 'pressure' most definitely impacts. I keep saying that I will keep a diary of symptoms/weather but of course never get round to it. Interestingly, I am in the midst of an awful flare though think I am coming out the end of it. (Hopefully). I read an article in the paper a few months ago written by a weather expert who stated categorically that weather/air pressure has impact on certain health conditions. He stated that more people have strokes in the winter as the air pressure affects the blood vessels. Interesting.

    Take care. Love Lyn x

  • It's good to hear that a weather expert state that there is a link between weather and some illnesses! Thanks for that!

  • Morning I think the weather makes a difference, air pressure also on plane journey, not mad but I think the stages of the moon has an effect at times

  • I actually had an incident on a plane during take off 4 years ago and sort of afraid to fly again. I broke out into a dripping sweat, couldn't breathe, and felt like I was going to pass out. Or I was having a heart attack. My sister blew it off and attributed it to anxiety or a hot flash. (She is a pediatrician) I know the difference between anxiety and my body crashing. Still don't know why, and no doctor cares to figure it out. I thought maybe my thyroid, but I am only slightly hypo. There is definitely something about pressure that effects me.

  • Thanks for your comments. I always feel the influence of the moon too. I think people with sensitive nervous systems tend to feel it more. I can feel quite crazy at full moon at times!

    I don't think I'll risk going on a plane any time soon either!!

  • Just read this comment on the moon. I'm not sure if it was because it was brighter or what but night shifts on a full moon are always more 'interesting' than any other

  • Ha ha! Yes is is well known that the Police also notice a higher percentage of violent crimes occur around the full moon too.

  • I always know when we are going to have the first frost and the first heat wave I get a flare-up just before it turns very warm or very cold

  • Oh that's interesting!

  • It's good to hear that you also have enjoyed periods of remission when energy also returns. I am now getting through the worst of the flare. Interestingly, it started 'deep' in my joints, then moved out into the muscles, then out into my nerves and I got small fibre neuropathic symptoms for a few days. They are now subsiding and my energy is returning. I am developing a theory that for me, the lupus is triggered by something 'deep' which then makes it's way out of my body through the various systems. I've had bladder inflammation and discomfort since the flare started, but now that's also improving and fading away too. Like it's one of the body's ways for 'exit-ing' the inflammation (literally peeing it away!) Funny!

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