Sternum tenderness and neck swelling πŸ™

Hi all , i am a bit concerned by a bit of an increase in neck swelling and tenderness in sternum , particularly in the centre of chest . I have primary sjogrens which has caused lymph node enlargement, muscle and joint pain , i have had two lots of rituximab. I don't think its costochonditis as ribs are ok . Do you think its the lymph nodes acting up again ? I didn't have sternum involvement before .

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  • Hi WV,

    I often have neck swelling and tenderness along with the underarm pain and on occasion had the chest pain. never sure if it was muscle or lymph nodes but it all happens at the same time is how I know it's not individual problem and not heart related. Can you take steroids when it gets really bad?

  • Thanks for getting back . I have never been given oral steroids , I usually just take anti inflammatories . The pain isn't severe more annoying, though i do have a high pain threshold, i was just wondering about the cause. Do you think its probably the lymph nodes as it is tender to touch ?

  • Yes most likely. If your chest were hurting alone with no other lymph node involvement, I would be worried. If it hurts all over, you know it's not one specific problem. I would however get it checked out if it persisting though. I don't know what is typical time for flares, but mine usually pass in 3-4 weeks. It's best not to take steroids if you can avoid so I'd stick with the ant-inflammatory meds, foods and herbs if possible. There could be muscle involvement too so hot bath might help.

  • Im with rheum in 4-5 weeks to get steroid injection in hip for bursitis but if it gets worse i will go to gp. I use tumeric alot in cooking but that's about it πŸ€”. I hope you are keeping well at the moment xx

  • Ps can i ask if you have had biological treatment??

  • No, I haven't. I've only taken Plaquinil twice a day with occasional steroid pill when flare gets bad and take anti-inflammatory. Trying to avoid the biologics until I have no choice.

    When you last do the rituximab treatment?

  • I had first april '16 and last in January this year . My lymph nodes were severely enlarged and i was very ill. Plaquenil helped a bit for some of pain and dryness but rituximab helped alot , it reduced lymph nodes and ive had much more energy. I don't think i had any other options as my quality of life was poor when I look back in it now.

  • How often can you do the treatments and how long should it last?

  • I think its every 6 mths , it can take a few weeks to kick in . I had a gap of 9 months and it was definitely wearing off after the six. They slowed the infusion down in January as i had severe gastritis after the first and it was much easier . It takes most of the day and i was very tired, then second half takes place two weeks later. It has definitely made a difference to my life. I still have aches , tiredness and my nodes go up and down but it manageable now πŸ˜€

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