Steroid side effects

I'm feeling really odd! (Yes I know, odd is not unusual when you're Lupie!)

I've just completed a pulse of high dose steroids and feel like I'm floating, very spaced out and well, odd!

This hasn't happened with previous doses so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these sorts of light headed feelings post steroids, and if so, how long they felt like it?

I feel wobbly to walk, let alone drive, so a call to my GP might be in order, but I thought I'd sound out what others have experienced first.

My joint swellings have reduced quite abruptly. Not resolved but definitely reduced, and the intense pains are lessening, so they are doing something.

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  • Hi Rowan,

    When my steroid dose was higher, at 25grams now I am down to 15g, I felt very out of it , I could not focus on work or properly form thoughts and went home early. I also saw the GP the same day and basically I was high on the medication. I don't know how long or how much your medication is but if you speak to your gp/ specialist they'll probably say it's down to the steroid dose. After dropping the dose I have not had the same experience. It could be brain fog though or possibly something else! Try a call to your GP :)

  • Hi Penguintaz, hmmmm I've spoken to a GP and likely the steroids, but as it's hit six days in and I've not had it before like this, he'll see me tomorrow if I'm the same or worse.40mg a day is obviously enough to make me properly wobbly! Not really up to much today as a consequence.

    Thanks. It does sound stetoidvinduced.

  • I hope all goes well! Do keep us updated

  • Combination of causes we think. I ended up feverish for 24 hrs and am feeling loads better, hoorah

  • That's sorta good to hear! I hope the fever isn't nothing to worry about maybe keep a diary to help if it happens again

  • I've spoken to rheumatology nurse and she made an apt for me to be seen by cons at the end of the week, even though I'm quite a bit better again. Thanks

  • Good :) Hopefully something can be sorted

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