Had the worst toothache since Friday afternoon. Have to say this weekend was the worst weekend i have had in a long time. I went to the dentist today and she has given me antibiotics 3 a day for 7 days. Hopefully after a couple days that will work. Have been trying to survive on ibuprofen and paracetamol to last 3 days.

Whilst at the doctors i found out about my referral for my tooth being taken out. The place they referred me to declined the referral. I do not know why. Now i have to wait for a referral letter to the hospital and she said if i do not get a letter within a couple of months to ring her back. A couple of months with the crack tooth is gonna be hell. I constantly get mini toothaches in it.

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  • Poor you. Toothache is a real misery. I have had a lot of grief from my teeth over the years and have tried lots of home remedies.

    I expect you know plenty already, but the two that I have found most helpful are

    1. Wrap a cube of ice in a cloth and press it on the bad tooth for about 15 minutes. The painkilling effect can be very effective and last for a couple of hours and can be very effective.

    2. After brushing my teeth as usual, I smear an extra blob of toothpaste over the cavity/decay and leave it there. I was once told by a "barefoot dentist" in Africa that this can help the tooth to repair itself just a bit while you are waiting for a treatment. It seems to work well when I get those "mini toothaches" from time to time.

    Hope this gets better soon anyway.

  • I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in before Thursday . I have another driving lesson Thursday night . Don't want to do with this pain .

    I was awake at 2am and 4am this morning in pain . It was so bad I cried . I took paracetamol and used bonjela and managed to get about 3 hours sleep off and on

  • So sorry you are going through this misery.

    The only thing I found helped a bit with toothache from a bad tooth was Oragel. It is a numbing gel which you can buy in Boots. I actually sent away mail order for Oragel Extra Strength which was a lot stronger. It arrived the very next day. It numbed the whole are and let me sleep.

    Hope the antibiotics kick in very soon, it is too long to wait for two months with this.

  • I brought some numbing gel today . I've put some on . I don't think I put enough on . It says a pea sized amount I did less than that for the first time to try . Going to put some on before I go to bed

  • I just plastered it on!!

    Best to be careful though the first time. I have a bad track record with all drugs, pills potions etc but this stuff didn't harm me at all.

    I do hope you get a bit relief tonight and some sleep.

  • I didn't go in to work today because I couldn't cope with the pain . I took antibiotic in the morning and some ibuprofen . I slept from 7ish to 12 .

    I defo needed the day off to catch up on the sleep I've been missing since Friday .

  • It seems really dreadful you are having to wait so long and in so much pain. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon.

    I had abcesses too that was when I got the Oragel, was loosing lots of molars.

    After I began steroids a few years ago I havent had so much bother with my mouth and much less gum inflammation.

    I did have to get the extra strength Oragel though online when it was bad.

    My husband used the ordinary one last week for a sore tooth after root canal treatment and it really helped him.

    Fingers crossed for you!!

  • Sad to say the gel did not work . My gum has not started to become swollen . I think that's why it's hurting more . I think the antibiotics is bringing out the swelling then will reduce it .

    Really hurts though .

  • So sorry you didnt get relief.

    I do hope the antibiotics will help very soon.

    It seems so very cruel for them to be leaving you to suffer this.

    I would pester your GP or even go to A & E. It won't be doing your other health conditions any good to be in all this pain and no sleep. Leaving you two months like this is just awful.

    I think if you still get no help you must complain as LupusKaren suggests.

    Hope you have a better day today.

  • If I don't get a referral within a couple of weeks I going to ring the dentist back . It's not fair . I can't sleep properly and with no sleep I can't be of any use at work .

  • I tried the numbing gel again today this morning . I applied more than I did yesterday and it seemed to have work . I think . Tonight before bed I'm going to apply it again but a good amount

  • LL, it is totally unacceptable for you to be left 2 months for your tooth issue to be dealt with. Please get back in touch with your referring original dentist, and say, and I am basing this advice on the fact you have Lupus or other auto-immune manifestation, and you are taking immunosurpressants, which means potential infection can be very dangerous for you, this is not a lie, it is a potential fact.

    Having this year alone lost 4 major teeth to abscesses and infection, this is not something you can afford to wait 2 months for.

    If you receive no satisfactory response, please complain. Link attached. Go directly to the bottom of the article under How do I find the Commissioner.

    Good luck.

  • I totally agree with Karen. Don't leave this tooth problems can leave to big problems.

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