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Can any one interpret these bloods please?

Can any one interpret these bloods please?

Was wondering if I need further investigation into just had blood results come back positive I've know not high levels but my doctor says my results are normal. Well i have also got hashimotos thyroiditus which I know there is a strong link. Have chest pains my lips go purple sometimes lose colour altogether can anyone help ?is this a sign I'm getting lupus?

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Well reading the letter thing it says that you should look into it further if you have dna and ena tests that show for auto immune stuff.

My bloods were very positive for all the lupus testing :P Do mention the chest pains as that can be a common lupus system, have you noticed other symptoms? Like hair loss, joint pain, fatigue?

Not sure on relevance of the lips!



Usually when Ana comes back positive they do further testing.

I do not test positive for DS DNA or ENA and I have a firm diagnosis of lupus. There are other antibodies as well in lupus like the anti SM and RNP and a few others, I test positive for these. So they can not rule out lupus if you test negative for dna and ena.

You have the ACR guidelines for diagnosis but you also now have the SLICC criteria.

Check these out and if you feel it fits you, I would ask to be referred to a Rhuematologist.


Hi razzar1978,

Firstly, I just want to urge you to be cautious about how much personal information you share on a public website. The image you uploaded included your GP's name, your NHS number and your date of birth. I have now cropped the image to remove this information for you.

It looks as though you've had a mildly positive ANA test and they need to do some further tests (anti-dsDNA and ENA) before making any moves towards a diagnosis. You can read more about these tests in our factsheet here -

It is definitely important to mention the additional symptoms that you have experienced to your doctor. This may help to guide the diagnosis or any further tests that may be needed.


Ty very much these tests who are they preformed by I mean which specialist or can I order them privately ??


Hi razzar1978, these tests would usually be done by a rheumatologist.

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Well done Paul


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