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We have found UsHaus! It was a slog, and I honestly had given up and didn't want to hear about houses at all in late January, the market was so frustrating, but the Dutchman is more patient than I, and he managed to home in a large four bedroom with a downstairs shower and a lounge (which we are transforming into my bedroom). There's a conservatory and a big garden with a patio - not all of the garden is accessible, but enough of it is for me to be planning in earnest what I will grow in the vertical grow-wall the Dutchman is building for me. Plots and plans abound.

But with moving comes other tribulations; I need a new GP and a new rheumatology team. I'm already scared to death about both. I've had enough experiences in the past to know the profession can be a bit of a crapshoot, and I might just end up with health pros who decide first and last that my real problem is fibromyalgia and a need to 'just eat less', taking all medications away which allow me even a modicum of function. I'm girding my loins and trying to hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst. Deep, deep breaths...

Next week I have a medication review at the hospital, which I normally wouldn't even bother to attend in person, but I want to head in and discuss the move with them and perhaps get a bit of a heads-up about the Great Western Hospital team in Swindon. I will have to go to the nearest GP and register, and then we will see how treatment progresses, but I have gone into my current GP here and ordered tramadol in advance to stock up with in case I end up with another ZOMGADDICTION surgery. Any thoughts on how to shop around would be appreciated.

The Dutchman has me under strict orders not to overdo things - I can do some packing, and getting my garden stuff ready to move, but I am not allowed to do most of it, and I am certainly not to lift even so much as a box for the move itself. He has friends coming over to help, which I am very grateful for. Fair enough as well - I keep waiting for my spring energy jolt, but it's late in arriving. Today I am absolutely shattered and I am going back to bed.

So it's all change for the next month or two. Fingers crossed it can be as smooth as possible; while it's gorgeous today I am so astonishingly fatigued I am going back to bed now. Irritating, but I am literally staring at the screen trying to remember how words work.

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Dr Elizabeth Price is an excellent rheumatologist at the Great Western in Swindon. I actually see her at Savernake Hospital in Marlborough. She specialises in autoimmune diseases. I have MCTD. She has plenty of time for her patients when they need it and is very patient and understanding.

I can't help with GPS as I live quite a long way from Swindon.

Good Luck. You sound as if you're going to have your hands full for a while.


Thanks very much - I will cross my fingers and click my heels three times and hope it's Dr Price that I see. Here's hoping.


Let us know how you get on. Tell your new GP you want to be referred to her. There is anther Dr Price at the GW....don't let him send you to the other one !


YAYAYAY silvergilt 💐💐💐💐👏👏👏👏

Your Dutchman & his friends are Treasures!

Am vvvv glad bones-bones replied re GWH my experience, one really good immune dysfunction/CTD expert in a dept sets an important standard for any colleagues, even locums.

Wishing you every best wish

🍀😘🍀😘🍀😘 coco

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Thanks very much! It's good to know there's a good rheumy and the team looks pretty competent. The big test of course will be the GP but from what I am hearing, I may not need to worry. So that's all a positive and onward we go!

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