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Not only am I off sick for the foreseeable, I found out yesterday that I am moving in about 2 weeks time!!!!. At present live in a second storey council flat, but because of my problems with the stairs, I have been given a bungalow of medical grounds, which is great, but oh so stressful at the moment with all the pain and discomfort with the flare up.

All my family have offered to help, so have a couple of friends, so hopefully, wont be too bad.

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Just think how nice it will be when you move into your bungalow.Once there you can take you time and arrange things as you wish.No stairs,wonderful!


I know, something to look forward to, just the bit in between but gonna let as many people as possibke help.


Hi Sue

Binkey is right, it'll be worth it in the end, I know it's stressful but hang in there, just think how your quality of life will improve xx


Ditto to the above , it will be worth it ! Recently moved too , tiring but so worth it ! Living on one level is so nice !

We moved my kitchen FIRST and completely unpacked it before the main move next day , it was so nice to have everything in place and to hand when moving in. We made living room ready straight away (pics up/ curtains etc) and put all my boxes in spare room so that I could close the door on it all and could slowly work on as energy allowed without having to look at chaos !

I wish you well for your forthcoming move x


I moved a few months ago and had a terrible time afterwards. I think it was just the adrenalin that kept me going before and through the move then my body crashed the day after I moved in. It just couldn't take anymore and didn't want to get out of bed - I was hit by massive fatigue and was sleeping 14-16 hours a day for about 4 weeks. Thank goodness for supermarket home deliveries.

Glad to hear you're accepting all help offered and hope everything goes ok.


Good luck with the move! It will be very stressful but I'm sure when you're settled in you'll agree it was definitely worth it! Have fun in your new home. x


thanks guys x


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