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Hello all

I have been on ESA for a long time and recently been asked if I want to attend a voluntary support group "the Work company" based in Manchester. As I have a few problems which is why I'm on ESA and going to appointments causes even more problems at the minute. The question is as its Voluntary so I was told by them and the work company told me turning it down does no effect my benefits I was wondering if it does as they did not seem to know much, and I've never got good information from DWP. I was doing much better until the stress of having to turn up to things and attend things make my health go down hill.

I have been on ESA since the change from incapacity benefits and not worked at all since.


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  • As far as I'm aware you have to attend anything they ask you to or it can affect your benefit, this is what I was told by my appointed rep at the esa work group place I go to they are a nightmare and really have no idea how badly the stress of these things can effect us and to be honest I don't think they care , hope your not having too bad a time at present 💓x

  • No if your in the support group you don't have to attend any of them ive had them trying it on CA wrote on my letter about it and checked what group i was in etc my doctor wrote a letter also

    It was on one of there visits when i had my stroke not that they helped me but now left alone.

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