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First GP Appt at New GP Practice

I found the GP Practice I had been with for nearly 25yrs becoming more amd more disorganised, so I registered with another in January. I had my first appt today - not an emergency, just a hello and can you enlighten me to what is going on with the Rheumy who has appeared to dump me?

A delightful GP scanned through and agreed something inexplicable is going on. I agreed with her that she contact the rheumy to ask why I have been suddenly dropped ( in particular before the long-awaited appt with them before Christmas, when I was informed a week before that the junior doc "didn't know what to do" and the appt was cancelled). I decided that the best step forward would be for her to contact them rather than for her to request another consultation, because these appts have a 6-9 month wait.

She was surprised that I hadn't had copies if the various letters and printed them off. No surprise from me that scrawled across them by previous practice was "patient has requested a copy", and I didn't get the copies.

I now see that my blood tests ( no figures to indicate the range) are not only ANA positive, but show RNP and PmScl70 antibodies. I've been googling and this appears to indicate sytemic sclerderma, when taking into account the Secondary Renauds, oesophagal dysmobility, muscle wastage, abnormal nailfold capilleroscopy, joint pains and generally feeling rubbish . I'm sure experts here know more. Various test show osteo, particularly in my hands, but I can manage that so far.

We've agreed that carrying on with what I call the Pain Management chaps is helpful, and that suspending as far as I've got with physio is best, given the cons of energy expenditure which I can't physically afford calorie-wise.

Overall I continue to be extremely cheesed off with the Rheumatology Dept, but positive that the new practice might be more efficient and pro-active.

Oh, and I love the GP for stumbling over saying hydroxychloroquinine at speed. I told her that I've practised that one, but it easier to say "hydroxy"

I've just realised that my malar rashes and sun sensitivity weren't covered, but can be if I get to see the rheumy. I have some good selfies, on advise from others.

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Well done for changing Drs! Sounds like my story!

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Really fortunate to have three close by, and this is walking distance. Shouldn't have put off changing so long !


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