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I thought I'd escaped storm Doris until a neighbour mentioned a tree down at the far end of my garden. I went to inspect, and it's likely that other unpleasant neighbours have cleared some trees on no-man's land, possibly for anothe sneaky attempt to extend there, and now preventing the wind break that stops the trees flying. I have the problem of getting that fallen tree sorted, but not the end of the world. Wicked thoughts of getting it chopped into pieces and piled on their clearance.

While looking my dog took off into no man's land, and came back muddy, and what is worse, a good roll in fox poo. I simple can't get him upstairs an into the bath any more. Took several hours of sponging him, and chucking dettol all over the kitchen to prevent me from ingesting nasties.

It had been a good day up until then! I'd managed to walk the dog briefly in the morning, then actually walk out to get my hair cut. I knew I'd suffer after all this, but I can't believe how much.

Sorry for the long post, but I need sympathy 😭

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  • Hugs - I don't envy you the fox poo at all!

    You should have sent it to the nasty neighbours...

  • Aww, lots of sympathy from here. Even if dogs smell every bit as bad as foxes even after they are washed!

    I really feel for your trees too. It takes a few minutes of selfish idiocy to kill what may have taken centuries to grow. Would it deter further felling if you ask the council to put a preservation order on any remaining?

    Anyway, hope you are able to get a long lie down and a restful evening x

  • It's entirely possible I wouldn't mind if the enormous poplars fell their way. I'm assured by those with a better knowledge than me that they would .....

    I have discovered a wonder shampoo which really gets the fox pong off x

  • I read your post & thought: this is like the opening paragraphs of a fantastic thriller.... MORE, MORE πŸ˜†

    I'm serious!

    your post is THE perfect distraction from what I'm doing right now: glugging down litres of endoscopy prep 😝

    Well am sending you sympathy a go go: trees are sacred...fox poo perfume is intolerable...cleaning all that up is TOO MUCH

    Take care buddy

    πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€ coco

  • Oh feel for you. Been there done that 4 times each one worse than the last. I wish you luck for tomorrow. Don't forget to ask for lots of feel good stuff and pain relief 😘

  • Thanks!

    This was my 3rd session...you're right: worse each time...BUT this time the nurses & doctor were THE best & helped me more than any other endoscopy team πŸ˜†

  • Hope it helps 😘

  • Oh coco, thanks for the laugh. Hmm Miss Marple? Not in Leeds methinks ....

    Good luck with the glugging. I haven't had to do that, but it may be worse that eau de fox πŸ₯€

  • Comes a close second I think...

  • 🀒

  • Dogs do like those exotic smells, mine are so quick to start rolling in some smelly dead thing and we are abit mean, a hose first, then a nice towel down...mind you one is a waterdog and stands in it at every opportunity, especially the sea....sorry to hear about the trees...on a happier note got to see the plough competition next door just before the heavens open up (very windy again)....now for a city girl this is a baffling sight to see & I have to pinch myself to see if life can sometimes be so simple as getting just the right line & depth with a lovely old tractor....πŸ™‹ ml

  • A ploughing competition does sound, well, interesting! No hosing down for my skinny dog, much as I'm tempted. It would be as cruel as hosing me down! He can run away much faster, too!

  • Becareful with disinfectant pine for one is toxic to cats think dogs also. there's things you shouldn't use or give to them.

    what council do you come under as all have different criteria on trees!

  • Thanks oscarbravo. My silly greyhound didn't get disinfected - the kitchen did. I used the safe shampoo and sponge for him. I'm Leeds City Council - when nasty neighbours built what we call the Berlin Wall, nothing could be done about the no-man's land, though I did some heavy wildlife protesting about bats that live there, and there could be maternity trees the bats used. Illegal to upset the bats!

  • He's a greyhound ❀ our favs are greyhounds & lurchers (had 2 long lived big coarse haired lurchers in our 30 years together....). What's his name?

  • He's called Blue. I got him as a bag of bones rescue dog. At least I knew his name! Pretty boy now, and I learned he was probably called Blue as his colour is "Irish Blue" in the racing world.

  • I chuck my neighbours six cats poo back onto her drive , !, how would she like it if my dog pooed all over her garden .

  • 😹

  • People are so inconsiderate sometimes. I feel your pain with the dog. Mine loves to roll in anything the smellier the better. Fortunately I have a downstairs bathroom. Take care

  • Greyhounds are fast, make running look so easy, lovely colour too...they seem to take one long stride to my big girl sheepdog/spaniel several...understand their reluctance to outdoor shower 😁 ml

  • 🌧☹️ He can 🎼 though!

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