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Tingling Lips

Does anyone else have tingling or numb lips, fingers or toes? Or burning arms and legs as if the blood in your veins is red hot and enlarged? I've had a very awkward doctor who for the last 4 years has hinted that all my symptoms, crippling fatigue and brain fog being the most debilitating, are in my head. I've gone privately to a rheumatologist, had a very positive ANA and I'm just starting hydroxychloroquine. As the experts, does it sound like lupus to you? Thanks 😃

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Hi, these are symptoms I have recently experienced, including numbness around my mouth and also tingling at the tip on my Tongue, I am to see a rheumatologist next week as my go believes I have possible Lupus. So perhaps zi'll find out soon about these extra symptoms.. Take care.


Thanks for the reply. Good luck with your appointment next week 😃


Yes I do n twitching n pulling on one side Drs don't know they say it's lupus or muscle spasms or fibromyalgia m now confused

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