how long does it take for prednisone to kick in?!!

I know it is telative to each person based on severity and if it is going to work but usually by now it starts kicking in for me.... been on it a week and still in severe inflammation feverish feeling pain mode!!! pain meds arent working right now. oh God i was hoping these steroids would kick in and do something....I cant get back in to see my dr for another week!!! Most drs and drs in ERs that do not understand autoimmune dont get it...waste of my time. I cant remember it taking this long to kick in? maybe I am getting worse to the point prednisone isnt helping? Praying for relief...

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  • Unusual for them not to start improvement within 24 hours, what is your dosage?

  • Bless you. I would definitely at least ring in for advice as steroids would definitely have taken effect by now if they were going to so I would have thought you either need a higher dose or an alternative (fellow lupus sufferers view not medical professional 😘) xx

  • Please be wary of taking prednisone as this was the cause of my Avascular Necrosis which resulted in me having both my hip bones replaced. I only took steroids for a very short time for an overactive thyroid gland problem but hey presto 10 years later I was diagnosed with AVN. Please ask doctor to test you for suitability for steroids as you could have an underlying blood clotting disorder as I had and was unaware of.

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