Pip Renewal

Lord where has the time gone guys?

It feels like only yesterday I was going through the application process.

My PIP comes to an end in March but I still have not received my renewal application.

I have contacted them to find our why but they were unable to give me a reason that it had not been sent out.

I found the initial application process so stressful thinking about doing it again is actually giving me anxiety, I would like to have as much time to get the form filled out as possible but I don't think this is going to happen.

Has anyone gone through the renewal process yet?

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Yep - I made the mistake of assuming I only needed to go over the bits that had changed but now know that I needed to take as much care with the renewal as the original application. In my case I had a bad assessment unfortunately (I had a good one last time so I've seen both sides) and my appeal hearing is in about 3 weeks as I'm claiming that both elements should be higher now. It doesn't mean that yours will go the same way as it does seem to be a lottery depending on who deals with it or what assessor you get but my only bit of advice would be to get some help with the forms - either CAB or I've seen people on here suggest the local Welare Officer at your local council. I wish I'd done that from the outset as I think it would have removed a huge amount of the stress.

Good luck x


My pip award runs out august 2017 can't believe we have to through the whole process again..😬 Your definitely right about time.. I was awarded after a appeal really don't know what to expect.. keep us updated.. good luck!


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