My little boy and Lupus - I have it could he??

Hi all, I've been a member on here for almost a year and always found the advice and support helpful. This is about my 22 month old son. He seems to get ill all the time, sleeps a lot and for almost a year he's had issues with the tips of his fingers it looks like the skin is peaking away. I've asked my GP about testing him for Lupus but they have said it's very unlikely he has it and put his illnesses down to viral infections but when they check him over he's "ok". Can anyone suggest a way I can push this further? Would getting my health visitor involved help?

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Young children are always catching various infections especially if they are mixing with other children, he could be in need of some vitamins. However if you feel that your GP is dismissive about your concerns, then either see another GP in the practice, if your still not happy then do speak to your health visitor, even if it's just to stop you worrying, as that will not be good for you.


It is very unlikely. Most 22 month old babies sleep a lot as well. Best wishes Kevin


Tell your concerns to your Health visitor, if nothing else you can talk it through. I would doubt this is lupus, however, I understand your concerns. As an ex nurse and a mother of four there can be many reasons for pealing skin on childrens hands. Does your son suck his fingers? wet skin often peels. Children spend a lot of time with their fingers in their mouths. virus, infections etc. Please follow up with your HV.


No he's never sucked his fingers and thinking about it they get bad when he has viral infections, he's had a few, but they get pretty bad sometimes. I think I'll speak with my HV just for peace of mind. Thanks all for the comments x


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