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Waiting to find out if I have Lupus


Hope you dont mind me joining you all.

I have been sick for years with one thing or another.I have had one Dr tell me it was my age I am 57 this year.I use a rollator to walk as I have Osterartritis in both knees and fall quite often.

My Dr retired late last year so I have a new Gp what a change I was down seeing him about my massive weight loss and chest pains, he had a look of my file for the last few years and commented on my face and asked how long I have had that rash told him about three years he couldnt belive it. I told him about my hair loss, always in pain, fingers and toes always cold and white then turning blue plus other things. He has ordered blood tests and x-rays. He says he thinks I have Lupus.

I dont want to have it but its nice for someone to understand how I feel and not just palm me off with tablet after tablet and blame my age..

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Age is supposed to be gentle not rob you of your ability to function to the extent you mention. I agree with your new GP, something's going on, at least he is checking, you have a good one there! Let us know how you get on!

That's wonderful. I'm sorry you have been experiencing all those symptoms for so long but pleased that your new GP is taking action. I don't want to confuse things for you, but, even if your blood tests fail to diagnose Lupus, that still doesn't mean that you don't have it. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2002 via a renal biopsy, however my blood tests always came back as negative for Lupus. It took 5 years for me to receive a positive blood test for lupus. The same thing happened with my brother. Good luck and remember that it isn't the end of the world if you do have Lupus, many people live a perfectly normal life. I'm sure, for you, it will be a relief to finally know what is causing all of your problems. Please keep us informed xxx

Excellent news your new GP has picked this up so quick, sorry your last GP did'nt, but sounds like your on track now. The problem with lupus is it is so hard to diagnose as it mimics so many other things, it took me 7 years for a confirmation but in that time i thought it was all in my head, every time i went to the doctor there was something else wrong 15 years since my diagnosis thinks are not perfect but much better than they were, i also have osteoarthritis in both knees which alone is not nice, but these all go hand in hand. I hope you get your diagnosis soon and they can get you on the proper meds, hopefully then you shall feel a little better. take care, and let us know how it goes xx

Hi Dee4, I totally empathise, I am 54 and went to the hospital on Monday and awaiting results. What ever is wrong with us I hope at last we get some answers so at least we know what we are dealing with and we are correctly treated. Good luck x

I was 57 when I was diagnosed too. I went to the GP as my hair was falling out again and he took some bloods for thyroid etc. The ANA came back slightly raised and after he looked at and listened to my history of different 'ailments' over the years, he referred me to the rheumatologist. He says I have 'mild' Lupus - not internal organ involvement luckily - but he thinks I have had it since I was pregnant 35 years ago!!!!

Luckily at the moment I am not too bad.

It was so easy to say a lot of the symptoms were menopause related, which they are, but some were way before the menopause.

It was so good to have a diagnosis and know that I was not a hyperchondriac or something.

I hope you get sorted Dee4

Thank you all so much, for all your replies.

Will let you know what they say.

Hi There Dee4, sound like you have a good gp there, stick with him

I got diagnosed with lupus a couple of weeks ago and still trying to get my head around it but I am really thankful in a way that it has been made as I know why I have being feeling absolutely rotten for years and it wasnt all in my head and at least I can now move forward wit the right treatment and hopefully start enjoying life again.

Good luck and I hope you get the answers you need. (and i wish there were more gps around like yours !)

Hi Dee4,

There is a great article on Medscape News about late onset lupus. This article is not terribly technical, considering how much valuable information it contains. Lupus, it seems, is not the same in older people as it is in the young. (I too am "older"). Diagnosing can be even more difficult in the older patient because symptoms may come on more slowly--one of the symptoms specifically mentioned by the article is weight loss. Also, lab results for autoantibody profiles (like anti-double stranded DNA and anti-Smith) may be different in the older patient. Name of the article is "Late-onset Lupus: Fact and Fiction". It can be found by pasting the following in your Google search box: "Late-onset Lupus: Facts and Fiction - Medscape". I tried putting the URL in this comment a few minutes ago but it didn't work (medscape.com/viewarticle/58...) so I am reposting with the full article title.

Good luck--hope the information is helpful.


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