Fed up & confused!!!

Nothing really to do with my illness but all the stress is making me feel worse! Struggling with money pretty bad, never struggled since being ill... I cant find a full time job (everyone not ringing me back once i do say i have an illness) and i physically cant work no longer then 4 hours a day, my own job wont let me work more then 20 hours a week... I have tried to claim for pip ended up having to go to tribunal then got refused!

I have no idea what to do, what i can and cant claim for everything i do try to do online says im not eligible

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Hi Leanne22p,

Have you had any expert advice about your financial situation? Could you contact the Welfare Rights Advisor at your local council to see if they can assist you with any claims?

You shouldn't be discriminated against when applying for a new job because of your lupus, unless your condition would risk the safety of you or someone else in that role. Have you seen our booklet about lupus and employment? It has some guidance for seeking work. You can read and download it at

With regards to your stress, have you spoken with your doctor about your current stress levels? Stress can often trigger a lupus flare, so it is important to manage it as effectively as possible. We have an article about managing stress which may be of interest -

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Go to your welfare rights at your local council for help they are the best people for benefits advice , do you get help with council tax and housing benefit , you should qualify if you are on low income . Did you get any help with your appeal for pip .


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