Continually ill

I caught the nasty cold bug going round before Christmas. It started to go but before it did I've caught another one! ☹️ It completely draining me, I now have a really sore throat (one of the worst I've had) as I'm taking daily prednisone, so guessing I don't have as much to fight it with as a normal person. Should I go to my gp or just sit it out?

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  • I would go to GP not sit it out if u are on emune reducing prescription

  • I think at least ringing your GP would be a good idea. If it is bacterial he may giveyou antibiotics - but if it is viral there isn't a lot he can do.

    However - don't put all the blame on pred! I've been on daily pred for over 7 years - i get fewer sore throats than I used to and so do quite a few of my friends who are also on long term pred.

  • I used to get a cold a month before being on pred. I've had one since I started on it over a year ago.

  • Had the lurghy now for 2 weeks. coughing like never before. They completely upped my prednisolone for a week to try and get on top of the inflammation in my lungs. Now on 2nd lot of antibiotics and waiting for results of chest xray. Do no leave it as, bad cold, chesty things can lead to worse things like pneumonia. See your GP. Best wishes

  • I have been to the doctors today and I have pleurisy rub, so have been given antibiotics and an inhaler. She looked at my list of medication said ''what a lot of medication for some one of your age!'' ☹️ (I'm not quite 40 yet).

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