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Hi, totally baffledi have regular blood tests because on azathiprine for the past 3 years 50mg Had blood tests three weeks ago. I got a a text message from surgery saying I needed to repeat them. So had them repeated just before xmas.. today I got a text saying I need to call surgery to arrange for a doctor to call me back. Anyway to cut a long story short a ! Locum! Doctor rang and said my liver function was a 100 and should be 50. I have no knowledge at all as to what this means! The doctor said when is my next appointment with consultant. And to speak to my consultant. I tried to get answers but gp was very vaigue. Should I be worried any advice appreciated.

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The repeat will have been because the liver function tests were abnormal - they were checking it wasn't a sample/lab malfunction. The raised level has been confirmed.

The blood tests when you are on azathioprine are for full blood count (red cells, white cells, haemoglobin etc) and liver function. The full blood count is to monitor for bone marrow problems. Azathioprine can cause liver problems and it seems there may be signs of that.

You do need to contact the consultant - or your rheumy nurse if you have one - and tell them the result. They may adjust your dose or switch to something else, but it is difficult to say.

It sounds as if the locum was handed the list of calls to make - and hadn't a clue! However, I don't think you need to worry as such - if it were bad they'd have made more fuss and possibly even sent you to hospital. But do try to get hold of your consultant/rheumy nurse asap. There will be someone at the hospital who can answer the question but whether your consultant is there this week is another matter!

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Thank you very much awnsering my question.. your right about the list handed to the locum..! I will contact the hospital..

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