Is this a flare up of Crohns?

For about 3 weeks now I haven't been able to eat proper food in fact even liquid hurts deeper down my throat. I fancy something but take s mouthful and start to gag n feel sick.

Also my gums and throats have been sore

I have had flares before but never in the throats or mouth so wonder if it could be that?? So sick of not enjoying food like I have done☹️

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Have you been to your doctor, although quite honestly from my experience the invasive tests and toxic treatment available doesn't help me. What liquid do you take; I take water or smoothies but the latter in small amounts to soothe mine - plenty of fruit that I know I can take easy to slide down. I think people like us can have flares anywhere and Crohn's is just in the digestive system, but as well as that I get flares elsewhere - rashes, nose sores/bleeds, bleeding through skin, lumps on skin, etc. Rest, relaxation techniques, gentle exercise and fresh air when I get a flare.

You might be wise to have it checked out with your doctor, though, even if you don't want treatment, just say so, I do, but explain why in a nice way - it is just good to know what is going on sometimes.


Thank you Cann I am feeling s little better and managed to eat some stew yesterday other than that it's things like water,milk, yogurt etc

I will try some fruit too thanks


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