New Lupus Sufferer

Hi I have just been diagnosed with DLE lupus. I have horrible red scars, one on top of my forehead and three on side of my face. I hate them. Lucky I can cover them up and use a brilliant natural concealer called Jane Iredale. I have been using Elocon cream for a week now but haven't noticed much improvement in fading the redness. Anyone else used Elocon?

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  • I use Elidel cream prescribed by my dermatologist. It has made a word of difference. I use it daily and at most my face is more red that before lupus. But with foundation make up it looks fine. Without Elidel, within days my face is red with scarring whelps and burns. Might be worth a try.

  • Thanks Kathy, I've only been using Elocon for just over a week. Today the scars look a bit lighter and the itchiness has completely gone. If the redness doesn't improve after four weeks I am being prescribed Dermovate and if that has no effect I'll suggest Elidel to my dermatologist. I use Jane Iredale cover up its really good.

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