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pain that started on the upper right side of by back and in 10 days is spreading to my chess :(


this pain started more than 10 days ago, i am traveling and thought was because of caring my heavy backpack and would stop when I stop to move so much. What happen was it didn't stop, is getting worse and almost unberable every time i try to lay down or stand up, in certain positions or move to much my right arm. It's now also on my right arm pit and the right side of my chess. In all the area of my boob, behind and super strong. Please can someone help me with some advice? Thanks in advance

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As you are travelling perhaps you could stop at a GP surgery today and sign up as a temporary patient so someone medically trained can take a look and advise? Otherwise it might be best to go to the nearest A&E. not worth taking risks -especially if it's affecting your chest area as you have described. Or else you've pulled a muscle but we aren't medically trained so err on side of caution please and seek medical expertise. .

I agree with Twitchytoes - you really do need to get medical advice and no-one here can offer you any advice beyond that. If necessary, you could try an ER or walk-in medical clinic if you are travelling outside Europe. In Europe you can go to a GP for advice.

Do I assume you DON'T have lupus? You have landed on a lupus forum rather than a general one.


Hi josabete,

How long are you travelling for? Are you in a foreign country? I would recommend that if you are experiencing chest pain that you get it examined by a doctor. Were you given any additional steroids by your doctor in case of a flare while you are travelling?

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