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PIP appeal update

So following on from my previous post I have now submitted my appeal form to the tribunal. I had a letter from them today saying that they will now send details to the dwp who will send a response to both myself and the tribunal. It also states that if I want a personal hearing this will then be held at a "hearing venue" which is an hour away from me in an area that I don't know at all. I looked it up on the website and not only is it not my nearest court but it states that its first floor (I've already rung and they've confirmed there is a lift) and that parking is around 500 metres away.

So I rang to say this isn't suitable and if nobody is available to drive me I can't manage - I was told to put my request to be heard elsewhere in writing explaining why. When I asked them why it was at a site further away in a different county and where I don't know at all (Ashford) they looked at the waiting lists - Ashford is a minimum of 12 weeks but if I get it moved to Eastbourne it will be a minimum of 26 weeks!!! So my choice is 3 months at a less than perfect site where my mobility claim would be at risk if I suck it up and suffer for the next 3 days minimum that they won't see or I wait 7 months for somewhere I might be able to park outside. Some choice! The lady on the phone did tell me that if I get a date that my partner can't take the day off and drive me I should put in an application 2 weeks in advance for them to approve the costs for a taxi. I'm not sure how I'd book one though as I'd have no idea what time to get them to pick me back up.

So in theory I'm a step closer to getting somewhere but in reality it feels like another hoop to make me jump through and then tell me I must be ok because i managed to *sigh*

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Although I had a friend who drives and took me, we had to go by taxi because there was no parking. In my case I was kindly given a form and two weeks in which to attatch the taxi receipts and get a refund. Worth asking, and reminding them that's cheaper than you guessing/the meter running on a taxi? Hope it goes well.

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