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AAT Deficiency

I got a call from my rheumy yesterday. She says I have AAT deficiency...and I need to see a pulmonary specialist and a hematologist. I have been having loss of appetite, weight loss and just thought it's lupus or Sjogren's related. Can't tell anymore what's causing what. But I guess AAT is inherited...but I still have to ask is this lupus or Sjogren's related? The symptoms are so close. And autoimmune effects the liver and lungs as well...I'm confused. Does this mean I'm adding another illness to this list of mine? My goodness

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I am Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficient, I have Lupus and have also been diagnosed as also having undifferentiated autoimmune conditions ( ena ana ro positive ) I had a ct which showed I have a lung granuloma and a nodule over a year ago .I also have copd ~ emphysema but have not been referred to either a pulmonary specialist or a haematologist ???


My rheumatologist is referring me to both...I'm concerned bc my mom has cirrhosis if the liver. And I know AAT can be inherited. I hope you get a referral soon...hematologist can help.


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