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Dreaded nephritis is back

Just got some bad news looks like after 5 years the lupus is picking in my kidneys again

Doesn't help I recently list a baby and have found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant again

Putting me on 30 mg of steroids tomorrow then seeing the kidney specialist on Thursday

Anyone been through anything simalar ? Nephritis again, pregnancy and flare

Last time I started on 40 mg steroid I'm dreading the moon face the water retention heart racing etc the dr suggested maybe intravenous to reduce side affects

I'm worried the word termination is going to be mentioned

I suppose iv been lucky been in remission for 5 years

Any advice would be gratefully received

Feeling very low and scared xx

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Hi, I've not had nephritis or lost a baby but just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear your news that you are having a flare after finding out happy news about your pregnancy. I hope your appointments go as ok as they can. I did have to have IV steroids on two occasions and didn't get the sudden palpitations that I do when increasing oral steroids, saying that I'm on a beta blocker so that may be why.

Thinking of you and sending best wishes x

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Thank you for your kind words xx


Hi there,

Sorry you're going through this .

I had 11 miscarriages but do have 4 kids .Well 30,25,15 and 13 years the gaps were due to losses.

I read so much that symptoms can calm during pregnancy but for me I flared and kidneys played up every time until last 8 weeks of pregnancy.I cannot tolerate steroids at all after massive reaction first time so was given everything else they could think of and spent time on ward for whole of first 5 months of pregnancy with last one after losing his twin at 7 weeks in.I also lost twin to my 2nd at 12 weeks but with the extra care successfully had him at full term.

I don't have any real answers or medications to suggest as your doctors will decide that but wanted you to know that I've been in your position and appreciate every one of the million emotions you're going through and that sometimes with the right care you can get through pregnancy and beat the b****y lupus flare and nephritis into some sort of submission.

Wishing you all the best with caring hugs and be thinking of you.


Wow !!! Nice to know I'm not alone

Thank u so much I really needed to read this

So glad u ended up with 4 precious blessings

Take care xxxxx


Sorry to hear what you are going through, im 30 and have just been diagnosed with lupus nephritis i have had lupus for about 8 years. I am having an infusion tomorrow called rituximab to see if it helps my kidneys. Will let you know if it works. I really hope everything goes okay for you 💗 xx

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Thanks rach

Ur not alone this is my 2 nd bout

My first treatment worked very fast I hope yours does too xxxx

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Oh such a hard time for you poodlegal. Trust the nephrologist, he will have a plan. Medicine evolves all the time. I had 7 pregnancies, and 2 loss of twins but ended up with 4 babies.

Let us know how you go

Hugs 🤗




Thank u so sorry to hear of your losses but nice to hear of ur blessings too

Seeing him on Thursday

I will update u all

Thank u all so much ch for taking the time to reply with such kindness xxxx

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