Lupus nephritis and pregnancy

. Can any one pls tell me whether I can get pregnant after remission... And is there any one who went thru remission and have children... Iam a bit worried about it... Pls give me some hope in this concern... I was diagonised lupus nephritis class 3 and 5 in Jan and iam in remission now... Pls tell me whether I have any hope of successful pregnancies... Thnx in advance...

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  • Hi Sle_remission,

    We have a guide to lupus and pregnancy which you can view and download on our website at

    It should answer the questions that you have. If you need a physical copy of the booklet, send me a private message or email and I will pop one in the post for you.

  • The booklet can't be opened... The format is incorrect.... Can u plz send the correct format

  • Hi Sle_remission,

    It is in pdf format. Do you have adobe installed on your device?

    If you send me an email at then I can send you the pdf by email, or if you let me know your postal address, I can send you a physical copy.

  • I do have acrobat reader.. But its saying the file is corrupted. Can't be opened...

  • What type of device/browser are you using? I am unable to replicate your problem and have not had any similar reports. Have you tried clearing your cache?

  • The blog Despite Lupus by Sara Gorman tells her story of having her two children with lupus. You'd probably find it interesting. She was diagnosed 6 weeks after getting married.

  • Found out after i had my children, my kidneys are scarred. Only trouble i had was urinating after i delivered my daughter. They had to bag me...couldnt pee. I remember nurse telling me i wasnt that swollen after delivery. She seemed annoyed to catherize me. I didnt know i had anything at that time. This nurse made me feel bad. How awful. Regardless of whar her opinion was, i had a lot of pain because i could not urinate and needed it to be done. Second pregnancy i was ok. No problems.

  • Well, almost no problems. Lol! I herniated a disc during pregnancy. Joint pain and such. Felt like i had the flu after delivering her. But, all in all...was ok. You will be fine because you Know about your situation. I was also 36 and 38 years old when i had my girls. Take care!

  • Thank u... How sad that u were treated poorly by the nurse... But all in all u have 2 angels... May b one day even I can have my own children...

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