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UV Rays at work

Hi all

My new office has fluorescent tubes and after 30 minutes under them I started to feel awful. They are very bright and hurt my eyes but also I started yawning, feeling tired and with full- body pain.

I understand there are some sort of filters that can be applied but I haven't found anything.

What's the course of action with work and also where can they buy these filters?

Many thanks.

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I experienced this when I went for a new job. I had to leave, was awful. By then end of the day I couldn't walk as all my joints ceased up and It flared up all lupus symptoms. Felt dreadful.

Think if you wear factor 50 it's meant to help.


Hi, I had the same problems at work. As Lupus is classed as a Chronic illness you fall under The Equality Act 2010.you can ask your employer to carry out an assessment of your working environment. If they are a good company they will readily put in place a reasonable adjustment to make your working time more beneficial to yourself. You can buy filters for lights, which are just long tubes,that fit over the fluorescent tubes and also screen filters if you work on PCs . I have had these fitted at work, it has made such a difference. Xx


Do a search for the facilities available under the Access To Work programme - depending on the size of the firm you work for they may be able to help carry out the assessment and funding some, if not all, of the equipment that you need making it far easier to approach your boss about the situation. It doesn't work as seemlessly as it did 2 years ago before some of the funding was cut but overall it's a fantastic programme. Good luck.


Hi I worried about UV after being diagnosed with SCL and fortunately for me we were in a new building and due to my work had UV filters over the lights, I had a light meter and measured it showing 0 and other parts of the building were registering higher. I also tend to cover up and wear 50 factor even indoors. Check out the eclipse page on lupus UK website to find out about filters/films to block UV light and light sensitivity, it's a help to understand it to explain to others. I still trying to figure out how much I can take before triggering a flare or just tiredness. Good to be aware of your sensitivities. Sometimes it creeps up on me if I ha e been driving etc. Good luck. Ml


Hi Poliya228,

Many workplaces use fluorescent tube lighting which emits UV and is often unsafe for light sensitive individuals.

Fortunately, there are several different steps an employer can take to overcome this barrier to create a better working environment for light sensitive individuals.

The first option is for the employer to purchase sheaths that can be easily fitted over fluorescent tube lights to screen out UV; this film is easy to cut, to shorten or to overlap to extend length. “It is the duty of the employer to provide these for light sensitive employees who have to work under fluorescent lights”. Please click here for details of a supplier: lupusuk.org.uk/eclipse/prod...

Another option is to shield the light bulbs with glass or acrylic to help prevent harsh UV rays from being emitted directly on to the skin. It is worth researching into ‘Dermagard film’ as this works as a stronger shield than both glass and acrylic.

If you would like to know more please read our blog post on coping with light sensitivity: lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

Also, if you want more information and advice on support and adjustments in the workplace, download the ‘I Want To Work’ LUPUS UK booklet here: lupusuk.org.uk/working-with...

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