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Hello, I am 61 years old and for the last 6 years have been hoping for a diagnosis for my symptoms. I go to a hospital Eye Clinic, I have very dry eyes currently using Systane & Emustil, and today given Clinitas to try having been through a whole raft of lubricating drops. I have had one episode of Uveitis. I have my second appointment at the Rheumatology clinic in December. Stiff fingers, painful knees dry mouth. Today the Opthalmologist mentioned Sjogrens so I hope I am getting closer to knowing what ails me.

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Hello there

I hope you manage to find some answers to your problems and I guess you will be waiting to find out the results of various tests. There is useful information about Sjogrens on the BSSA website - limited basic information for non-members (I do not suggest joining until you have a diagnosis really as the information there is not regularly updated and this forum on Lupus UK is much more active than theirs - I am a member of both Lupus UK and the BSSA).

I had much more lupus-like symptoms earlier in life but this has become more Sjogrens in nature as I have got older (I've just turned 50 but have been ill since childhood). We cannot really say whether your symptoms could be Sjogrens or not as that is obviously down to your doctors and eye problems such as uveitis do occur alongside other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis for example.

I hope your rheumatology appointment goes well and you get some answers.

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Hello and welcome😊


Has eye clinic mentioned possibly trying stronger eye drops meds? Conservative NHS eye clinic treatments (drops, gels etc) for 5 + years) haven't stopped the active Sjogrens inflammation in my cornea so recently the NHS consultant opthalmologist prescribed the newly available (& expensive) immunosuppressant ciclosporin eye drops (ikervis) which do seem to help more

Wishing you good luck

Hoping you'll let us know how you get on

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


I used to have severe dry eye syndrom so bad they had to scrap it off so i could see. they tried several things but my Dr told me to take flack seed pills 1 / 2 x a day i did for a year an I no longer have severe dry eyes. It flares up every once in a while but mildly. I live in the USA an i bought mine at walmart. it's rather inexpensive ..


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