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today I feel worse than ever.barely able to walk the dogs today.so weak and chronic pelvic pain from time got up.cannot bend down to do anything so housework is a no no.both dogs have refused their food to day and are lying in the garden or around the house looking so sad/concern in their eyes and very clingy.yesterday when I got ready to go out they both flew out of the lounge and gave me the most awful stare as if to say "we don't want you to leave us" .no matter what pain relief i take they have no effect -pain doesn't go away.made myself have some breakfast and lunch was half a sandwich just to take meds.just don't feel hungry ever anymore.all ive done to do and want to do is sleep.Im so scared if anything happens i wont be here for my dogs.they need me as much as i need them.am at wits end with doctors -endoscopy tomorrow but that wont show why I have persistent chronic pelvic pain.

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  • Hi Anuba sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope your doc visit gets you some answers. My dog is exactly the same with me. She is a rescued Staffy so not very delicate with any of her actions. She gets on my knee looks deep into my eyes and checks I'm still in there!

  • Hi margaretgail

    my Annie is also a rescue staffieX gsd.she was 4 mths when I got her.like a bull in a china shop.i took her into a pet store recently to get her a muzzle and lead and she couldn't help herself with all the treats and toys on display.she is on my bed every morning to wake me and make sure I am still there

  • And does she keep the muzzle on? Trix is an expert escapologist :)

  • Hi ye sit is a Baskerville muzzle(think that's what it s called).she has managed to get it off by rolling around on the grass but just put it on the next hole.its one she can still open her mouth and drink thru btu it stops her eating anything she can get her mouth into.it does have a headstrap but not used that yet and its supposed to go over her collar but I haven't bothered to do that,she s ok most of time without me doing that.

  • Oh dear she'll learn

  • on beach today .annie with he rmuzzle on -saw border collie and was lying down.so called her to follow me -didnt respond took off after dog and they both ran into the sea.,she still didnt come when I called her so went to get her and as was only wearing shoes no way was i goign to go in after her .then bloke said can you get her .thought cant you see im trying-calling her and told him " she has a muzzle on she cant do anything".then grabbed her harness and pulled her away.cant help it if she doesn't like border collies-only been since one attacked Buster a few years ago.

  • Mine doesn't like any dogs unless she has ben slowly introduced to them. Last year a lab ran up to her, she was on the lead and he wasn't so she took offence and tried to swallow his head! I had to pay £200 in vets bills to shut the owners up.

  • You shouldn't have paid Margaret, the lab's owners were at fault for not being in control of their dog. Yours was just protecting herself.

  • I know, thats what the vet said aftewards but I was working away and my husband was so shocked that he agreed to it on the spot. Plus it turned out that they live on the same street as us :( Anyway the vet banned them from the practice in the end as they were rather rude to him.

  • Well be proud that you're a responsible dog owner, they obviously aren't. Kudos to your vet as well! I have a dog reactive GSD who is a rescue, we were her 4th owner and she was only 6 months old, sadly she'd never been socialised. The trainer drummed it into me 'NEVER let any dog off the lead unless you have 100% recall.' As I can't see us achieving that for some time (if ever) she has to go on a longline on the beach or wherever. But if any dog ever came near and menaced her the owner would get my boot as well as the dog.

  • Love it :)

  • they are at fault for not being in control of their dog.did they even attempt to recall it?.i guess not.they probably have pet insurance so would claim on that??I was out with my dogs one day and they were running about on a field and as soon as i spotted another dog I put them both on their leads.the other woman didnt and let her dog( a large long haired GSD) run up with no attempt to call it off.so I let mine loose again ,she didn't give a damn.so many irresponsible people about.

  • I've been telling my husband about your comments and he assured me that they put their dog on the lead when Trix is out now :)

  • I hope they've learned their lesson, maybe their sacking by the vet gave their ego a jolt, hope so. ;-)

  • They were gutted!

  • Haha, it must have been karma Margaret, hope so.

  • Yes you're right anbuma there are. I take my dog out on her dogmatic and also a harness as double security, she sees a dog and reacts loudly because she's scared, and the dozy dog owner smiles half-wittedly, starts to approach and says 'oh my dog's alright she friendly' - and I'm shouting 'rescue dog in training, stay away!!' I honestly wonder where their brains are sometimes.

  • it annoys me when they assume a dog is viscous /aggressive cos thev ve had no training/socialisation.or that the dog may have some kind of history thats no fault of his own or the current owner s fault.my buster had a habit of biting btu he soon grew out of it with me.now he goes up to every dog with his tail wagging and plays chase.he is brave enough to nick their ball from them btu he hates hoses,any noises and will rather cross the road if someone washing their car and using a vacuum.

  • Hi Margaret gail

    I get chronic pelvic pain and fatigue with lupus and Fibro myalgia...and am slowly learning to pace myself. Pain relief only takes the edge of it...good quality resting and sleep are the only thing that works

    Be kind to yourself......and ask lots of questions....

    Hopefully you'll get some answers.

  • Hi anbuma, I too suffer with chronic pelvic pain as well as Lupus SLE, so i do have your sympathy.

    I totally understandwhat you mean about the doctors not understanding too. Ive been to most the hospitals in East Anglia and still not got anywhere with any of them. What medication are you on for it if you dont mind me asking ?

    I'm on gabapentin and mst continus and its not taken the pain away but its slightly more bearable. I dont know about yourself but all my tests come back normal all the time whichnis just so annoying, it wasnt until i got arthritis in my knees that i was sent to a rheumatologist, and it was she that diagnosed me with lupus. If your story is similar it may be another avenue to consider.

    Good luck with it all and i hope you get sorted out soon xx

  • Hi georgie.what is the cause of yours.my gp wont give me any clue.becos my ca125 (test fro ovarian cancer )was raised I said he cant dismiss it especially as he s given me no reason fro my swollen stomach other than assuming its IBS.I have all the symptoms of lupus btu he refuses to refer me back to rheumatologist.i have only been given pain meds-paracetemol which don't do anything,then ibruprofen which I stopped taking as it said in the info sheet -don't take if you have lupus(altho not confirmed diagnosis)then given Naproxen(?)by different gp who referred me for endoscopy which i went for today -said to stop takign them as they are NSAID'S and not helping my stomach.i shouldnt have been given them as "allergic"to them years ago,i saw my rheumy in 2012 btu he never gave me the chance to tell of my symptoms only going on about CA125 and losing weight -not his concern.so got no diagnosis.btu reading up on lupus fits in with my symptoms and time scale-history.waitign to ear back from MP re getting a referral.endoscopy showed Hiatus Hernia,gastritis and duodenitis(not sure what exactly this is)?)apparently hiatus hernia can cause a cough when lying down at night ,I have had one for two years btu gp dismissed it cos chest was ok.cant wait til Monday to say "maybe you will listen to and believe me now".hope to get rest sorted.monday s appt is to sort out issues .

  • You might get some antibiotics for the gastritis and duodenitis, it's often caused by bacteria. No wonder you haven't had an appetite because it can make you feel full all the time or even cause nausea.

  • Hi sazzyb.doc didn't give me antibiotics only omeprazole which I was taken off a while ago.,confused now do I still keep on taking lansoprazole or take the omeprazole.?i havent had an appetite for about 6-7 years.thats why saying they cant dismiss OC cos of swollen stomach(all weight gain there).persistent pelvic pain and most of all CA125 being positive oh and not forgetting the change in my dogs' behaviour in the last year .all I get told is what some thing is not and they don't do anymore as scans etc normal.

  • But the findings will hopefully make your GP sit up and listen when you go back to see him? I do hope so. It's difficult about the tablets, which GP to listen to, very confusing for you.

  • hope so but cant see it 100%.will ask him about meds and if i should have antibiotics?have photos to show him of swollen stomach.face and neck .especially face as it is most swollen when I wake up.hope he will at last accept that my weight gain is all abdominal and nothing to do with diet.especially now cant wear trousers over stomach.wonder if ill get an apology???wishful thinkign

  • have i ahd this for 6-7 years and no one considered it?

  • Hi anbuma, No one actually told me why i had pelvic pain as all tests they gave me came back normal at the time. Until i went to a hospital in london. I had a laporoscopy and professorbeard told me i had pelvic congestion, varicose veins on my pelvis. He agreed to give me a hysterectomy, but he then retired and every consultant i saw after refused to do the operation. So i was left in limbo till i got arthritis in my knees, i then thought it had spread to my feet and hands as i get the same pain there andvi was then referred to the rheumatologist who then diagnosed lupus sle. But this has taken me a good 14 years to get to where i am today, and i was diagnosed last year. Xx

  • hi georgie.beign ignorant what is a laparoscopy-is it examination of pelvis?did you have the op in the end?

  • saw gp who arranged endoscopy and asked about laparoscopy.said wait til have stool test done again and go from there.told him pelvic pain is not bowel related?and didnt think swollen abdo is related to hiatus hernia etc as it s been a lot longer than that.and hiatus hernia et c wouldnt casue weight gain.then he said ill give you a different med.when I got home it was omeprazole which I was told to stop taking byu A&E dr few months ago.seeing my own gp on moinday -has he spoken to gynae-let me see him -gynae problem.

  • so had appointment .didn't go that well.took list of stuff btu he said it wasn't what he asked for.i said I had forgotten by time I got outside what it was,he kinda went mad-so said its fibro fog.what he wanted was a list of symptoms that bothered me the most.so I said when Hilary (practic emanager) rang me I asked her and she said three things taht bother me the most.said about seeing rheumatologist and ent and other stuff id written down.,he looked at them and said some stuff -& abotu going on the internet .said i only go there to chat with other people who have the same conditions(thinkign you don't give me answers so why not) .maybe after discussed the three things -made another appointment-21st.i said about being given omeprazole when already on lansoprazole and thought dr D was prescribing me antibiotics or a different pain relief.(why prescribe me something I was already on and therefore not goign to cure the gastritis,hiatus hernia or duodenitis?)he said rib pain could be caused by these 3 things.thought if that's so ive had rib probs fro two years -have I ahd these for that long too.why not tell me taht 2 years ago .he said he hadn't spoken to the gynae as he hadn't been at the surgery (do you have to wait til then cant you contact him)re pelvic pain and the op I had.all thigns add up to ovarian cancer -positive CA125(being above normal) swollen abdomen,feelign of fullness poor appetite,mistaken diagnosis of IBS-as havent given me any other reason for symptoms until possibly now with endoscopy-and my dogs behaviour/concern(tho didn't tell him that)-it was written down on the paper I gave him.i wnet to take it back and he wanted to keep it.he also mentioned a DR Grove(rheumatologist) I said who is he?never seen anyone by that name.thought back to when I saw rheumatologist to discuss the letter contents -the original one I saw(who wrote letter to gp) was average height with blond hair and slim.this guy I saw was a lot taller and bigger built with ginger hair.was this the unknown- to- me Dr Grove -standing in for DR B.?

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