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Research Study in need of participants with Sjögren's syndrome

Do you have or know someone with Sjögren's syndrome?

A medical translation company are looking for people with this condition to take part in a short 20-minute face-to-face interview to check that a new questionnaire is easy to understand.

The purpose of this interview is to linguistically validate the UK English version of a new questionnaire assessing symptoms and quality of life in people with Sjögren's syndrome.

All participants must be from the UK and be native English speakers. You will be paid £40 for your time and in addition, if you mention that you were referred from LUPUS UK, the charity will receive a donation of £20.

You do not need to talk about your own medical history and no clinical information (with the exception of the length of time you have had Sjorgren’s Syndrome) will be requested. In addition you will need to provide your name and either your email or telephone number, gender, and number of years you spent in education.

If you are interested, please send a private message to stepstell with your telephone number and name so that they may call you to arrange the interview.

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Oh good !

Even better Lupus UK gets a donation😆

Thanks Paul


Thank you very much Paul for posting this message!


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