Feeling sick after I eat

Hi there does anyone else suffer as I do

Its like I've got a constant stomach bug as every time I eat I immediately feel like I'm going to throw up but not only that I have to go straight to the loo with the worst diarea!! I'm scared to. Put a morsal to my mouth as I get an immediate stomach ache! I was also diagnosed with a sliding hiatus hernia last year not sure if it is related but I know I get the most embarrassing noises coming from it especially wen I'm in company! Any advice would be welcome 😩

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  • Hi tre

    Am so sorry this is happening: it's awful! How long has this been going on? my feeling is that you'd do best to see your GP soon about this. Your hiatus hernia has some relevance, I imagine, but this sort of dysfunction can be a bug, or something else...in patients like us, this needs to be documented by your GP who will help you decide what to do now

    If these sort of symptoms were severe, I'd think about phoning my GP out of hours service tonight. And I'd make some ginger tea to sip: at times like this it's important to stay hydrated, and ginger soothes nausea

    If my lifelong experience of significant upper & lower GI trouble is anything to go by, this could resolve with the help of your GP. But if it doesn't settle soon, you & your GP will need to think again

    I have chronic oesophagitis & gastritis + lower gi dysmotility due to immune dysfunction & connective tissue disorder (mainly my ehlers danlos & Sjogrens with dysautonomia etc) and have to work hard at lifestyle management in order to avoid constantly taking meds for this. I was incorrectly diagnosed with hiatus hernia by a GP...this diagnosis was corrected years later via gastroenterology investigations. I am always managing persistent nausea and trouble swallowing, as well as BMs looseness & urgency. Often my upper GI issues have been so unsettled that my lower GI has been unsettled too...after all, from your mouth to the exit down below, it's all one continuous system and trouble at the top can mean trouble down below.

    I'm sure you'll get some great replies

    Take care

    Please let us know how you get on

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Hi Barnclown

    Thank you so much for your reply on do intend to try and get an urgent docs appointment in the morning and I hope they can sort me out or arrange further test for me. I will keep you updated. Thank you 😚

  • Nothing to add to BC's post except to emphasise you MUST get medical advice quickly before you get dehydrated, Not eating isn't too much of a problem, but if you are not being able to get fluids as well is.

  • Hi@PMRpro thank u for ur advice I'm definately trying to get urgent app with docs in morning as this time this has been happening since Friday. I've had this before but nothing was really done apart from giving me anti sickness tabs tht didn't really work but this time it's far worse as it's been 3days. Usually only last 24hrs. But thank u for ur response.

  • Hi sorry to hear your having a rough time. I have a hiatus hernia, I do get nausea, sometimes badly, often if I sleep or rest flat especially after eating, triggers acids upwards and causes the nausea. I take meds for this & antacid around meals if I need it. Starting to avoid some foods that make things worse after eating, sadly no more oatmeal, wheat bread, no spicy foods etc. Do make sure as suggested you do see a doc and not to dehydrate....it almost sounds as if you do have a stomach bug, I had one bout food poisoning same symptoms and ended up in hospital getting intravenous to rehydrate all complicated with the hernia. Should say I sleep more elevated then flat which helps...feel better. ML

  • Hi maggielee

    Thank you for your response I have found tht anything with sugar ,alcohol,wheat and spicy foods as you say seems to make it so much worse. I had to stop eating sweet potato about a year ago as I found it would make me sick immediately even though I was fine before! Got docs this afternoon so will see wat they say . I will post an update..I'm starving😩😩😩

  • I get lots of diarrhoea and sickness at the same time sometimes and it does sometimes happen straight after a meal . A really helpful cure for nausea and sickness is a teaspoon of arrowroot powder in some water , half a small glass , works a treat , an elderly neighbour told me about it over 30 years ago I've used it for myself, kids etc x

  • Hi there,

    I am sorry you are going through this. As others have already suggested it is important to discuss this with your medical team before you become dehydrated and weaker. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi @ Fabienne_jacquet thank you I've been to my docs and he's given me some anti sickness pills doesn't think it's to do with my hernia but I have to have a blood test tomorrow due to the fact I'm on methotrexate and have been having temperatures and shivers also. Just going to see if Meds work and await my blood test results. !

  • Hi Tre

    Sorry to read your so unwell as well as coping with your parents illnesses. It sounds like you may have a bug especially as you've been shivering and are on Methotrexate!. Might be a reaction to the Metho, your bloods will reveal all. Hope the anti sickness tablets work and your better soon. X

  • Hi @misty14 thank u for ur reply I had my bloods taken today so hopefully it will reveal if i just have a bug or its the methotrexate. Feeling slightly better today but still feeling sick after eating and still running to the loo. Hopefully pills will start to kick in soon. Thank you

  • Hi Tre

    Fingers crossed for your blood results, keep us posted and glad you feel slightly better. X

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