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Hi all,i have lupus,reumy thot maybe weganers as had 4 sinus ops,to get biopsy on sinuses and possibly get them obliterated,rhemy took 4 viles blood 2 wks ago,feel awful at times,i work full time,find it a struggle,my gp called me today,blood results have really high antibodies compared to 2 yr ago,i have to see immunology clinic,dont know why,anyone else had this?

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What antibodies are high, is it ANCA and ANA? If so I am not sure what an immunologist will do.

Biopsies of the sinuses are very rarely positive for Vasculitis unfortunately. Have you heard from your Rheumy, I thought she was going to speak to her colleagues about you?

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Hi,i called rheumy for bloody results,belinda said a letter getn sent out to me,she cldnt disclose them,my own GP briefly told me parts of report that he had,it is both ana and anca but a specific thing? shows up wgn,i havent got that,rheumy puzzled whats damaged my sinuses,she hopeing biopsy tells her more,,no mention of talking to other colleagues,re feel awful the now and my mum been diagnosed wi vascular dementia,just worried whats ahead.


What is immunology for?,iv no idea .


Immunology is just another department. Is it possible that this is the colleague that the rheumatologist spoke to? Try not to worry to much, they may just want to look at your bloods and system a little closer to see what is making your results high and what the best treatment would be.

Immunologist are involved in disorders of the immune system. Did you ask your GP why were they involved? They may be able to tell you.


Ahh right i never thought about that,i never asked GP as it was a phone consultation,i will wait and see what letter sez that rheumy is sending out.

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An immunologist looks at your immune system. It fights infection etc. I wonder if you have immunodeficiency ( low levels of IGG ) as it sometimes goes hand in hand with auto immune disease ( Lupus and Vasculitis etc causes the body to " attack " itself which sets off an inflamatory response causing our symptoms ).

Vascular dementia is an age related illness and not the same as Vasculitis.

Is your ANCA negative now?


No both are positive,i understand about vascular dementia,as well as working in a school,i also work at forth valley on school hols,iv worked with dementia patients and it hard going,just worry how rapid it will go as not got my health to cope,i have her staying with me a lot.


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