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Got my blood work back online.......HELP!!!!

Ok, so I am assuming I will not be diagnosed with lupus. My ana came back negative even though it was positive last time. My sed rate (esr) dropped back down to 19 (20 or more is high) and I had 65 last time. My dna (ds) antiobody was only 1. My WBC went back up to over 5 but past two have been below normal. I feel awesome right now because I am on prednisone so not sure why I would feel good if there is no problem or if that what the drug does to you wheither you are sick or not. I'm scared though. I go see my rheumatologist next week to discuss these labs, but I am assuming she will say I do not have lupus. Only other thing on my urine test was that it was flagged as cloudy and my creatine kinase total was at 29. Normal results are 29-143.

What is wrong with me??????

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Whatever it is, is inflammatory - the ESR showed that at 65 and the pred has worked on it bringing it down to normal levels. Just getting rid of systemic inflammation would make you feel very much better. Obviously they had a reason for giving you pred - they don't play with it!

It will be interesting to see what she thinks - so good luck.


Thanks! I will let everyone know.


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