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lost my rumi doctor who treated me for lupus what can i do now

well the outcome on my investigations for knee and ancle and legs and feet pain

The last meeting with the hospital on my ultra sound and xray on ankle ankle showed no no atheritus no ligament tears in it.

So why cant i walk on it propper without the knee twisting and ankle giving way and i also have no inflamatory in my blood so why little noduals on dips and pips on hands and now i have been told even though she has been trating me for years that i have no further appointment with her again So its manage your condition on your own (how can they do this just discharge me from their clinic) when she diagnosed me as having lupus.

The only options i have is to let somone go in the knee and see whats wron but mri says hard to get signals from acl

i have to have some teeth outy cos they have rotted away at the back.

any info

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😟 am dismayed by your news minka! Am sure you'll get great advice from others on forum who've run into this sort of thing...meanwhile: courage! Your GP has a duty of care to you and must sort this out....you may need to push hard, but this is what gps are there for. Diagnoses like yours warrant ongoing monitoring & care. Am so sorry you're having to cope with being let down like this while feeling so poorly

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I'm sure it's to do with the predistone and other stuff and I'm not in her area code but I thought u could see any area and she says she can't find any inflammation in my system the lupus has gone. Well I'm afraid it just dosnt go and it's all down to money now podiatry I go to has told me you ankle is flattening out when u walk on it so that must n

be doing in the knee tracking now other is on its way out no matter how much exercise I do

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Hi Minka,

I am sorry to hear that you can no longer see this particular consultant.

I would suggest asking your GP to refer you to a new rheumatologist.

If you email us or send us a private message and tell us in which area you live we can send you names of lupus specialists in your region. You can email me at Fabienne@lupusuk.org.uk

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I'm at Leigh wa3


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