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Needing help sometimes

Hi there I know this is a funny one but I have lupus and fibro and have flares a lot at the moment for both. I live in Swindon and I have no family here but 150 miles away and my friends sort of drop u when u have to cancel and can't go out sometimes but r not true friends. I do have 3 but they have their own circumstances and my husband works from 4 pm till the morning. I cannot stay in bed as I have a very demanding dog phase atm he lovely but can't seem to play by self. I sometimes need help even getting food for me or just being there for dog and walking him. To b honest I would b greatfull of anything. Sorry to go on 😞 I have asked and apparently lack of cpn nurses I'm not on top of list and can't afford dog sitter but could manage something. If anyone knows of someone who just wants bit of pocket money for doing not really much can u shout out. My dog is A doxiepoo ( poodle n dachshund so fluffy sausage dog who would not hurt a fly )

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I'm sorry to hear you're struggling - I wonder if you could perhaps put a listing on gumtree or something similar and see if maybe a local student would be willing to walk and play with the dog a little bit? I would imagine a secondary student who enjoys dogs would be willing to earn a bit of pocket money.

Good luck!



I bet there will be various community schemes in Swindon which provide support to people with chronic illness.

On the web, I can see that Voluntary Action Swindon seems to act as a central information point. Their website is vas-swindon.org/saasc/

Why not give them a call and ask for their advice? If you can be clear about your underlying problem(s) and what help you need, they might find that you fit well with one of the voluntary sector support schemes like Mind or Healthwatch or something?

Good luck!


Hi Jacclaire, I won't be any help to you health wise, but I share the problems of a new puppy and the fact of my family and friends being in Ireland. Just moved here 3yrs ago when I got remarried. Friday diagnosed with UCTD which is really more Lupus based-----n starting Hydroxy this week. I feel the last 5 months of the PUP showed me how incapacitated I have become! Because we are under par, I think we feel more guilty than we should! Although we absolutely love our new bundle of fun, they are a dog and we are their pack leaders. Every day is a training process going on here! An antler bone although not cheap has bought me quality resting time! I ignore my dog when I return either from being out or coming from another room. Not making a fuss stops the demand. I hope you are getting your Sleep (ha that's a joke with health) without the dog scratching at door or howling. Let me know how you are doing------two human heads should be wiser than 8 legs!!!🐢


Have you seen the website Borrow My Doggy? It matches people who can't have a dog of their own with dogs who need walking!

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