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Hi does anyone know the rules about sick notes when you are on job seekers allowance. I gave the job centre a 3 month sick note but I still have to go and sign on every two weeks and show what I am doing to find work . I have just read something saying you should never sign a sick note and give it to the job centre while you are in the process of doing a mandatory reconsideration because they can just stop your job seekers allowance and you would have no money . I have also read that you need a sick note to do a mandatory reconsideration, I haven't heard that before. These may be old rules does anyone know the rules for this .

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For the first 28 weeks u get sick notes and u should b able to send them to hmic If u not sure u can book appointment with someone as u shouldn't have to start to have to look for work as u are already in work but sick. If it goes on more than 6 months then you have to to get a esa form as u are still in work. If by chance the work sack u they have to have a good reason as u are sick and if u can't go back to work at all because u cannot even do reduce hours or a different department then they could get away with it. But u only go to job centre if u deemed fit. Go to the citizens advice e.g. Book an appointment as they will have all the forms u need help u fill them out and tell u ur rights and what u should be doing at this time but what u are doing is definitely wrong and someone at the job centre should of told u that. Hope this helps. I had same and going to the citizens advice was the best thing as they are meant to be there for this.


I am not working I have just been taken off esa and told to claim jsa


I'm sure you shouldn't b signing on cause u r not for for work.I think of youcr appealing or reconsidering esa you should b getting reduced payments of esa untill process is thing to do would b to to citizens advice or your local mp. They will tell you what's what.the benefits system is not designed to give info freely and advisors generally don't know the system they r many to b implementing which means we r treated like we r unimportant or a nuisance for asking for what we r intitled too.


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