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Hi there

I am new here, I have been diagnosed with mild lupus this year and got put on Plaquneil since March.

During a routine check this month, it is showing my C3 and C4 has went up a bit and my CBC has came normal which is the first time in the past 6 month. but my ANA titre has increased from 1:320 to 1:1280., also my dsDNA has went up from 73 to 90,

In addition to this, My ALT levels has went from normal to 131,my GGT and ALP are still normal but double the value of June.

I am only taking Plaquneil, fish oil, B complex, zinc and Vit D. I am clear for viral Hepatitis.

I am terrified with the thought of Autoimmune Hepatitis...

Has anyone has the same problem with abnormal LFTs with lupus?

Thanks every one for your help!


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  • Hi little grass

    Interesting that along with your liver function tests being high , your other tests for lupus are higher which might mean that Hydroxy is not getting on top of it sufficiently!. Are you due to see your Rheumy?. How are you in yourself?. If it was your liver tests in isolation I would say that they look at patterns and would check to see what the readings were From three monthly results not just a month. Hope that's helpful. X

  • Hi misty14

    Thank you for your reply! I am actually felling a bit worse at the moment with joint pain keeping me up last night. Just seen my Rheumy earlier this week, he doesn't seem to think it's lupus related as my CBC are getting better so are my completments.

    My LFT in June was high ( not as high in the 80a), they blamed on my pregnancy (which I miscarried 2 weeks later). He sent me to get an ultrasound which came back normal and ask me to repeat LFT in two weeks...and if it still high he recons I should see a gastroenterologist.

    I have made an appointment in 4 weeks with him, hopefully I can get some answer by then!

    Thanks for your help.x

  • Hi little grass

    So sorry your feeling worse and just seen your Rheumy, can often happen for us sadly!. He knows what he's talking about re what your blood readings mean and a Gastroenterologist will be able to explain why your LFT's are so high!. There are bowel conditions that cause joint pain as well, maybe liver conditions too I don't know. Good luck for when you see the Gastro, keep us posted and I hope you feel better soon. You've been thru it one way and another. X

  • I had similar issues and was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. To my understanding AIH is usually easier to manage than lupus. That has been the case for me. Liver enzymes may elevate due to a virus or drug response though.

  • Plaquenil can affect the liver - if that is the case they will probably change it to something else. Don't panic yet!

  • Hi PMRpro

    My Rheumy seems to think plaqneil does not impact liver and ruled it out.

    Thank you for your help! X

  • He may not think so - and it is rare I think, but others do think so and rare doesn't mean never...

  • Hi all

    thanks for all your replies! Just want to provide an update on this. So unfortunately I had a Grave's flare since my last miscarriage and the specialist recons that might be the reason driven my LFTs abnormal.

    Thanks for taking time answering my question and calming me down :).

    Little grass xx

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