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New problem

Me again with a new problem. Im starting to feel like a whiner but here goes. Last Friday Doctors said my thyroid was a little elevated but didn't seem overly concerned. Said to recheck it in 6 weeks. I felt really horrible and extreme fatigue for two weeks. Today I was feeling a lot better and had more energy and clearer thinking than I had since my thyroid went hyper two weeks ago so I honestly thought I was getting better. I had noticed my left eye feeling strained and tired but figured it was sinus pressure. Been suffering with allergies for a while. Today my throat started hurting worse and I kept having pressure behind my left eye. Then I noticed my eye had swollen. Like bulging out. Of course I'm thinking "Graves' disease" it was too late to go to my primary so I had to go to the ER. They did a CT scan and said it was ok. There was no mass behind my eye or anything impairing my vision. I'm setup to do an ultrasound of my thyroid Monday morning since I'm stable. Has anyone had this problem with hyperthyroid, SS, or other disease? Can this happen and it not be Graves?

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