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Doctors and doctors

A few months ago, Scope, the magazine for the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, had a historical article about the man who founded the society that preceded the IPEM. After his death his family found the following poem in his papers. I posted it on the PMR/GCA forum at the time - and was slated for not being supportive of our wonderful doctors. No mention of the less wonderful ones!

I thought that it was rather appropriate for this forum after the stories we have seen over recent months. After all, he was a doctor himself!

Doctors and Doctors

One little doctor, looks you thro' and thro',

Can't diagnose your case, and then there are two.

two little doctors, failing to agree,

Call a consultation. Then there are three.

Three little doctors, poke you o'er and o'er,

Send for a specialist. Then there are four.

Four little doctors, wonder you're alive,

Order in the x-ray man, then there are five.

Five little doctors, trying funny tricks,

Another brings the stomach pump - and then there are six.

Six little doctors, preparing you for heaven,

In comes a DD, then there are seven.

Seven little doctors, decide to operate -

Call in a surgeon, then there are eight.

Eight little doctors, think it is your spine,

Send for a neurologist, then there are nine.

Nine little doctors, all of them are men,

Send for a lady doctor - then there are ten.

Ten little doctors, standing by your bed,

Come to a decision, find that you are dead.

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Very good. At least he could laugh at his profession even if it was tongue in cheek.



😂😂😂😂😂Am sure my fav most humane & helpful medics would all laugh at this

👍👍👍👍 coco


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