Nasty dry cough, have to go to the bathroom after I eat (can't handle any food), no appetite, feels timgly on my tongue lips and this lupus, sjogren's or both that's flaring? Or should I just check with the ER.

Don't even know when to call my dr or if it's just a flare and I just need to try tough it out...hard though with my job and my 19 month old.

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I would report it to your doctor - especially if you are already on lupus meds as you may have an infection.

I have hoarse voice and some breathlessness and someone suggested it might be reflux which is getting worse. I do have reflux as part of my Sjogren's (and my bloods were positive for scleroderma which often starts with reflux) so perhaps in your case this could be the trigger for feeling ugh, dry cough etc but I would get yourself thoroughly checked out before self diagnosing by a process of elimination.



My Freind she had a dry cough. She took one tea spoon of pure coconut oil whenever she had dry cough and cough is gone now

I hope it suites you as well


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