September's Topic of the Month - Skin Camouflage

September's Topic of the Month - Skin Camouflage

Our ‘Topic of the Month’ in September will be, ‘Skin Camouflage'

Many people with lupus may have skin problems, which can have a significant impact on confidence and self-esteem.

Skin camouflage (sometimes called cosmetic camouflage) uses medically-based concealing products that are formulated to disguise scars, birthmarks, tattoos and skin conditions including rosacea, pigmentation and vitiligo.

We would really love to hear your tips and experiences for skin camouflage. Have you used a particularly good cosmetic product that you can recommend? Have you used one of the skin camouflage services provided by organisations like Changing Faces? Do you have any 'before and after' photos you would like to share?

Let us know all of your tips and experiences and we’ll compile them at the end of the month for an article. Please share in the comments section below, or email

The article itself will be posted on the LUPUS UK Blog at

All submissions will be anonymised.

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  • Oh yes!

    I use Clinique products. The malar rash can be a bit glowing so first I use Redness Solutions which is green. Yes sounds off putting but it really does cover the red patches. Then I use Line Smoothing Concealer which is matched to your skin tone. The second one is perfect for those black bags I have gained under my eyes, being so very tired all the time. The lift both products give me are worth every penny but though not cheap, they stay put all day, last for ages because you use so little and really do add a bit of glow to my face. Highly recommended.


  • Hi Footygirl,

    Thank you so much for your recommendations, they are really helpful. Did you get advice about this from a professional?

  • Hi Paul. How are you?

    I was attending a wedding and wanted to look more normal! I went to Boots Clinique counter and was taken through the products. Since then I have consulted the counter in John Lewis as they seem more knowledgeable. Always helpful. Not cheap, but I get them for Christmas usually.


  • I'm pretty good thank you :) Yourself?

    It's great that you were able to get some advice about the best products from the counters. Did they try a few on you to show you how they work?

  • I use the Clinique Redness Solutions too. The powder is yellow. But it works.

  • Yes but just with and without green undercoat.

    Trying Gluten Free because of abdo discomfort etc. Just had result of CT. bit of diverticulitis otherwise complete clean bill of health. Phew! Great news. Though no idea of why all the discomfort. Thought I may have had pancreatitis but no. Still GF. Working well so happy days.

    Man roy inf getting me OT support though script for Pilocarpine not getting response for an alternative so struggling on!

    Glad you are well.

    Ill knuckle down to article for Magazine soon!



  • I have tried just about everything out there. For me the IT cosmetic products work the best. The foundation I use is called "your skin but better" The lady that developed them with dermatologists and plastic surgeons has severe Rosacea. It completely covers all severe redness and is SPF 50 to boot. It's worth a try if you have redness of face and neck as I do with SLE. My rashes in my face and neck never go away. When you have it on you cannot see the redness at all, it's completely covered. It also has built in primer so you don't have to put any green undercoat on, makes it all very simple.

  • Thank you so much for your recommendation nanleighh. It is really appreciated.

  • I tend to rash along my jaw and chin, so I can manage to hide things by contouring (when I have the energy!) I use Mac Cosmetics which has good coverage, and then use counter-contour for dark circles under the eyes (I haven't slept through the night in years so these are a given). I use SunSense invisible tint 50+ sunscreen, which doesn't give me that obvious sunblock sort of look, and doesn't interfere with coverage.

    What I've found with coverage is it's not about coating it on, but finding the right tint - if you have a reddish/purple rash, you want to go with something slightly green, maybe a bit of yellow. For my dark circles, I go with a mix of orange and pink (yes, I know, sounds weird, but works well) and it doesn't need to go on thick! I have a velvet-type brush applicator and a teardrop sponge which helps apply product without getting too cake-y.

    What I've also found is I'm often too tired to do the 'full look' so if all I can do is foundation, that's what I do (and I don't bother with anything else), then whack on some lip gloss and boom, done. Any routine needs to be brief enough to be able to do it consistently, I find, or I just run out of spoons!

  • Those are some really great tips Silvergilt, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Charity organisation who show you how to cover things up :), you can self refer in some areas.

  • Have you had a consultation with them tee8077? If so, how did you find it?

  • Hi Paul, no, I've not been to see them, I have 2 teenage girls who are genius with makeup and they sort me out if I am going anywhere. I came across this charity last week while watching a video on you tube by Lupus UK. The service seems to be great though. there is a list on the site of conditions they will treat.

  • Here is the video too, it's very informative and tells what you can get on the NHS etc.

  • CLINIQUE SUPERBALNCE, put it on with a cosmetic sponge and it covers any redness perfectly. I have severe Rosacea (or is it malar rash) and it covers it totally

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