Oh boy, a holiday in the Costa del NHS!!

Well after feeling as guilty as can be for taking Monday off sick, it turns out that I was actually sicker than I thought. I'll spare the details but currently spending my second night in an all inclusive facility hooked up to an IV drip and hoping to bust out of this joint asap. It turns out there's no pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and as for the food....it's not recommended!! Please send good vibes people.....or a rope ladder so I can escape!

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  • Plenty of alcohol around I bet - though it isn't advisable to drink it...

    Get well soon!

    PS - I like gory details... But only if you aren't embarrassed abut it.

  • I'll bake a cake with a file in it for you. More seriously, I do hope you get better soon x

  • I find the nightlife is generally pretty lively though. kinda like Ibiza for 90 year olds. Party on down, as I think the young people say. And get well soon x

  • Thank you for all the best wishes guys. I'm finally home. Gallbladder (and stones) still intact. Fortunately no delays on the way home. Once I was given the green light I was out of there!

    As always greatly impressed by my NHS care...even if the food wasn't as gourmet as I'd hoped!

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