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And today is a reminder

Of how unpredictable lupus can be. I woke up feeling ok. Went to lunch. Came home and somehow I noticed 2 bruises on the front left and right side of my pelvic area. Then I noticed a bruise on my left knee. My ankle seems to hurt now and my left hip. I went from ok I'm ready to enjoy the cancelling plans with my family. I hate it.

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I also have 2 bruises on left knee and can't even kneel on left knee and locks while I walk???


Hi Ratana21, I've been having similar experiences, esp. With the random knee bruises & energy wipeouts but it brings me comfort to know that if I have to reschedule & can, it's because Im putting myself & health first (which is something I wasn't doing before Lupus was active). I'm still trying to adapt to what triggers the health conditions I live with but one step at a time. Be kind to yourself! x


Don't let a couple of bruises stop you doing things. If you can walk then you can go!


I agree with Squeeker.i have many bruises and put it down to the steroids I'm on.dont let the lupus control you, fight it😊

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